As the furlough scheme comes to an end, there are widespread fears that business owners still unable to welcome back their pre-pandemic workforces will be forced to make mass redundancies leaving millions more out of work.

But this isn’t the only scenario seeing people exit their roles. Many have used the forced lockdown to reflect on their careers, leaving them wondering whether positions with greater autonomy might offer a better work/life balance. Meanwhile, the surge in ‘rage quitting’ demonstrates that some employers haven’t yet taken heed of the flexibility and improved conditions workers wish to experience; many employees are, as a result, taking a stand and leaving their jobs without having an alternative in mind.

Annabel Wilson, Franchise Support Manager at the B2C Division of Franchise Brands, which includes nationwide networks ChipsAwayOvenclean and Barking Mad, comments on how people can use the learnings from the pandemic to find a role which better suits their forever-changed outlook and needs from a job.



It’s never too late to retrain
“If your job was made redundant because of the pandemic, or if you’re feeling disillusioned with the role you’ve always done, you aren’t alone – and there’s probably a reason why. Don’t be afraid of retraining in a different role that you feel more drawn to. It’s never too late to start again, and life is too short to simply stick with what you know. Change is good – it keeps your brain active, challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and expands your skillset which is what every good employer is looking for.”

Seek a job/career that’s good for the soul
“Lots of different hobbies and passions can actually be turned into fully fledged jobs, from cleaning and organising, to looking after animals or working on cars. If you seek out a job that centres on something you enjoy in a personal capacity, it won’t even feel like you’re working. Being financially and professionally rewarded for a hobby goes against our nature, but can be truly rewarding and will mean you never dread work again.”

Put yourself first
“During the last 18 months, we’ve all made sacrifices for the benefit of other people. That’s a great thing, and it was absolutely the right thing to do, but when it comes to your job you should put your happiness first. Find a job that suits your lifestyle, rather than one which asks you to adapt. For example, by joining a franchise, you can choose your own hours and the amount of work you do every single day. By making a choice for you, you’ll enjoy work more and will begin to see positive changes in other parts of your life too, like with your family and friends.”

Choose a recession-proof market
“The pandemic was lucrative for some industries and devastating for many others. Before moving into another role, make sure you do your research. Look for the industries that are in demand – if they’ve survived a pandemic, you can count on them not experiencing a downturn any time soon. Think about all the things we’ve depended on while we’ve been in lockdown and consider if you can see yourself in one of those roles.”

Become your own boss
“No-one should have more control over your life than you. If you’ve always answered into others but are a complete self-starter and know you could work independently, consider whether now is the right time to become self-employed. Yes, running your own business brings with it different challenges but if you relish being answerable to yourself, you’ll thrive making your own decisions about your future. Who knows where it might take you?”

For more information about the Franchise Brands’ opportunities, see the profile pages for ChipsAway and Ovenclean



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