【DE】Slip into another skin

“Costume Play”, the fine art of transformation / At Comic Con Stuttgart, the superheroes, elves and Balrogs are indispensable

A Comic Con without cosplayers is like Batman without Robin or like Captain America without his star shield, as Han Jones would say. The Frenchman has been a cosplayer since 2008 and has compiled his name from two popular film characters – Han Solo and Indiana Jones. He is thus one of many cosplay stars at Comic Con (CCON) Stuttgart. The impressive and lovingly as well as meticulously designed costumes of the cosplayers form one of the highlights of every convention. The transformation artists are also indispensable in CCON Stuttgart.



Hummel has been active in the cosplay scene since 2015 and will be experienced at Comic Con Stuttgart | Photo credits: Comic Con Germany GmbH



In addition to Han Jones, many cosplay greats are once again announced in Stuttgart. For example, Naraku Brock, active cosplayer for about 21 years, who can show more than 150 costumes. She gained stage experience through workshops and numerous competitions. Naraku has won prizes at national and international cosplay competitions, including the “German Cosplay Championship” and the “European Cosplay Gathering”. Nana Kuronoma has been on the road worldwide as a cosplayer since 2007 and is happy to pass on her experience to budding cosplayers through workshops, tutorials, prints, merchandising or motivation posts. “I have not specialized in a specific cosplay direction, I like to always try new and different facets,” says Nana. Diversity is what makes cosplay special. For me, cosplay is a feeling, not just a business. It is important for me to have fun at conventions, that I can spend time with my followers and that I can answer their questions about cosplay.”


Tanooki and Nadya Sonika from Mexico ensure internationality

Two well-known cosplayers have announced themselves from Mexico. Tanooki from Monterrey started as a hobby, then she decided three years ago to tackle the whole thing professionally. With success. Last year, Tanooki was included in the “Suicide Girls page”. Her compatriot Nadya Sonika is an international cosplayer, industrial designer and model. She has attended events all over the world as a cosplay guest, speaker at panel discussions, streamer and presenter. She creates her own costumes and focuses on improving her skills every time. Selina Engel aka Krystl Cosplay has been active in the cosplay scene for ten years. Starting with anime and manga cosplays, their repertoire today ranges to game, comic and series cosplays to concept cosplays and their own designs and redesigns. Her works are characterized by attention to detail and creative interpretation. Most recently, she dealt with the topic of wig styling and its materials. She will be seen together with the well-known cosplayer Hummel in Stuttgart. Not to mention Cumbermatch, who is known worldwide for its “Dr. Strange” and “Sherlock” cosplay, precisely because of its similarity to actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Since uploading his first pictures to social media two years ago, he has managed to gather an incredible three million followers on TikTok. He has left a lasting impression not only as a doppelganger, but also as a versatile cosplayer across fans. And last but not least, the “Young Avengers Europe” can be experienced in Stuttgart as the largest Marvel cosplay group in Europe. The “YAE” are an association of more than 100 creative comic lovers and Marvel crazy people who lovingly recreate and portray the costumes of their favorite characters in the Marvel universe in loving handwork and an eye for detail. A constantly updated overview of the cosplay guests at CCON can be found here https://www.comiccon.de/de/gaeste/cosplayer


Creative costume designers in the Cosplay Kingdom

Whether superheroes, elves, princesses, Amazons or orcs, the creative and skilled costume designers are more than welcome in the Cosplay Kingdom of Comic Con Stuttgart. In a special area at CCON, which opens its doors every year especially for all cosplay enthusiasts. “We want to give our visitors a space to meet and exchange ideas, to take photos and above all to be creative,” describes Dirk Bartholomä, Managing Director of Comic Con Germany GmbH, the “Kingdom”. Every time, a hand-picked selection of top-class cosplay guests would be invited to talk shop with the fans or give them an insight into their work and tips on cosplay. But not only that. “Many of our cosplay guests conduct special panels on all kinds of topics related to cosplay,” reports Bartholomä. Here, followers learn in workshops how to put themselves in the limelight on photos and edit them afterwards, how cosplay beginners tackle the first projects, what goes with a good make-up and much more. In the cosplay chill out area, the hustle and bustle can be observed in peace and of course there will also be the right dealers at the start, who provide all interested parties with tools and information material.

Another highlight is the cosplay contest on Saturday, 27. November, at 5 pm and on Sunday, 28. November, at 1 p.m. The competition is now just as much part of a con as the cosplayers. The cosplayers take the viewers into another world, together with the right music and performance, they breathe life into characters you know from movies, series, games or comics. The best cosplayers will receive exciting prizes from various sponsors who have rank and name. Beginners or advanced players have the same chances of winning due to different categories and a professional jury. More information here https://www.comiccon.de/de/cosplay/cosplay-contest ; all specifications for the weapons and accessories belonging to the costume can be found here: https://www.comiccon.de/de/cosplay/waffen-und-kostueme


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