Introduction to decoration materials used in booth construction and their effects

Over the years, there are more and more exhibition halls organized by both enterprises and the government, and the demand for such decoration is also increasing. In order to promote their products and services, more enterprises and government units pay more and more attention to the display effect after the decoration of the exhibition hall. Generally speaking, professional decoration companies will be selected for the decoration of large-scale exhibitions. The following small series will introduce the decoration materials and effects used in the construction of the booth in combination with many years of experience in the decoration of the exhibition hall.

1、 What are the commonly used decoration materials?

Common decoration materials can be divided into: wall materials, floor materials, fastening links, decorative lines, adhesives, etc. The materials used for wall decoration mainly include latex paint, wallpaper, paint, ceramic tile and so on. The materials used to decorate the ground include wood floor, ceramic tile, artificial floor products, etc. Decorative line materials include skirting board, hanging mirror line, wall protection board, etc.

2、 Effect introduction of different decoration materials during booth construction

1. The wallpaper materials on the market are generally plastic. Its advantage is that manufacturers can customize colors and patterns. Only you can’t think of it and can’t do it without it. It is very consistent with the booth that wants to achieve the display effect through color. But when choosing wallpaper, we must pay attention to the pattern and color to be consistent with the overall style, not too abrupt.

2. Paint can also be used for wall decoration, but the paint is also divided into several types: low-grade water-soluble paint, colorful spraying, porcelain like paint, emulsion paint, etc. However,

latex paint is the most used material for wall decoration. There are many brands in the market, which are also divided into high-grade and low-grade. The high-grade emulsion paint looks luminous and has the luster of silk and satin. It is generally brushed twice when brushing the wall. Low grade do not need to brush the primer in the front drawing, but directly brush the wall.

After introducing so many common booth construction and decoration materials, I believe many exhibitors have ideas in this regard. Later, they will discuss with the decoration company what materials to choose during decoration. After the decoration company makes the design drawings, they can find the drawings for decoration, so that there will be no material replacement and rework during construction.

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