automatica (cancelled)

The Munich International Robotics and Automation Technology Expo (AUTOMATICA) is a professional robot exhibition hosted by the Munich Exhibition Group. The exhibition involves the most comprehensive robotics industry and the latest technologies, equipment and products in the fields of related industrial automation. The exhibition is held every two years.

It has become the world's most well-known robot and automation exhibition. There will be the world's most famous robot manufacturers and traders in the exhibition. The scale and influence of the exhibition will bring together practitioners in the field of robotics and automation from all over the world through a biennial opportunity to share the latest and most cutting-edge robotics and technological achievements.

Industry sector:Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control (industry 19), Electrical Engineering, Electronics (industry 22), Logistics, Gears and Drives, Conveyance and Storage Technology (industry 55)
Main product group:Assembly Engineering, Manipulation Engineering, Robotics, Industrial image processing, Gears and Drives Technology, Sensor Technology, Control Systems, Security Systems, Service Networks, Software, Services, Research and Development, Technologies, systems for positioning



Interval: annually

Organiser:Koelnmesse GmbH

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