BAU (digital)

The Munich International Building Materials Exhibition BAU is the world's leading trade exhibition for construction, building materials, and building systems. It has been held in 1975 and held every two years at the Munich New International Exhibition Center.

BAU is the largest exhibition in Europe for the construction industry. The organizer of the Munich International Building Materials Exhibition in Germany is the Munich International Exhibition Company (mmg), one of the five largest exhibition companies in Germany, and has a series of world-renowned brand exhibitions and Europe's first-class modern exhibition center.

Industry sector:Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings (industry 09)
Main product group:Aluminium, Chemical Auxiliaries for the Building Industry, Floor Coverings, Energy Engineering, Solar Power Equipment, Tiles, Natural Stone, Glass Construction, Wood Construction, Locks, Fittings, Steel, Grounds, Roof Construction, Facade Technology, Ceramic Clay, Security Systems, Gates, Parking Management Systems, Software, Computer Hardware, Building Automation, Plastics, Artificial Stones Industry, Doors, Windows, Services, Professional Literature, Building Systems, Builders Hardware, Isolating Systems, Lighting Technology

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Interval: every two years

Organiser:Messe München GmbH

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