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General knowledge points for booth construction
General knowledge points for booth construction 1.Regulations on booth and height limit: the exhibition has restrictions on exhibits and shelves, generally height limit. In particular, the outward extended structures such as double deck booths, stairs and booth tops are more restrictive, and height restrictions are often not prohibited. If you can pass the relevant procedures and meet the technical standards. The exhibition will allow you to build booth at super high level. Opening restrictio

Basic knowledge of booth design and construction
As we all know, booth design and construction has always been an important issue for the exhibition officials and exhibitors. Excellent booth design is the key to the success of the exhibition for the exhibition company. An excellent publicity and perfect booth design will bring the booth to the extreme. This is also what exhibition building companies need. Today, I would like to introduce you some basic knowledge of booth design and construction that is wort

The principle for booth construction?
What are the principle  for booth construction that an exhibition building company should follow for on-site construction? An excellent booth construction should have a unique set of design principles to design a booth that can satisfy customers and make consumers like it. The booth construction design is not only a product display scene, but also a reflection of the brand image. A good booth construction can better attract users and bring more transformati

What are the types of exhibition decoration?
The exhibition time of most exhibitions is limited by time and season. Generally, they are short-term exhibitions. The contents involved in the exhibition include many aspects. For different purposes of the booth, the decoration types of the booth are also divided into several types. Now let's follow us to learn about the five types of booth decoration. Exhibition of tourist attractions The booth decoration is only

What professional knowledge is required for display design and decoration?
The exhibition is a modern concept developed with the excessive enrichment of products and concepts. In the simple age when the aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley, if things are good enough, there is no need to deliberately display them. However, in today's explosion of material and spirit, no matter how good they are, they will be buried. The display design and decoration is a good way to sublimate the products.

Factors in booth design and construction
It is generally believed that booth design and construction are like interior design. Home decoration design should consider the special needs of individuals living there, the impact of color matching on mood, etc. Similarly, exhibition and booth design and construction also need to consider various factors.   Exhibits themselves Whether it is a real object or a concept, its volume, use,

What are the details of booth construction?
Enterprises participate in the exhibition to attract potential customers and beautify the company image and product recommendation. There are thousands of exhibitors and possibly tens of thousands of visitors in an exhibition. To make your booth stand out in many exhibitions, booth construction and layout is the first important link. What details should be paid attention to in booth design? Booth design - display the characteristic

How can the design of small booths attract more customers?
How can the design and construction of small booths attract more customers? How to make the design of small booths more attractive? Many exhibitors will choose small booths without budget. How can small booths attract more visitors? Here are some tips on booth design and construction. First, in the booth design and construction, it should be noted that the booth design effect of small booths is more distinctive, because each enterprise participates in the


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