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Six principles of excellent booth design
Booth design is the top priority of enterprises' exhibition work. An excellent booth design scheme can bring twice the result with half the effort to enterprises' exhibition work. The answer is yes. Here are some basic principles in booth design, hoping to be helpful to exhibitors!Six principles of excellent 1. Principle of creativity The soul of any artistic activity lies in creation. The creativity of booth design is mainly reflected in the novelty of creativity and

Teach you three ways , let you no longer worry about all kinds of deception
With the continuous development and expansion of the exhibition industry, more and more enterprises will choose to sell their goods in the form of exhibition. Due to the chaos of the exhibition industry in recent years, exhibition fraud events occur from time to time, which makes many exhibitors headache and even brings huge losses to many businesses. As a professional Shanghai exhibition company, pinbang will teach you three tricks today, so that you will no longer choose to give up the exhibit

What preparations should the exhibition organizers make
During the exhibition, everyone paid attention to the participation of each enterprise and was attracted by the various exhibition halls and exhibits of each enterprise. In fact, pinbang noticed that in these memorable exhibitions, there is a strong main force, that is, the exhibition organizer. The careful preparation and planning of the exhibition organizers have made a strong platform for the exhibition of various enterprises. In this regard, pinbang not only pays attention to the exhibition

Several misunderstandings about the purpose of enterprises participating in the exhibition
In today's society, there are many reasons for enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The most intuitive reason is to publicize the enterprise brand, improve the enterprise image, promote transactions and achieve economic benefits. However, some enterprises do choose to participate in the exhibition because of low cost or invitation without considering their own situation. We think this is unscientific. In addition, there are several misunderstandings of exhibition reasons that need to be

Hanging points in booth construction
During the printing exhibition, I overheard an exhibitor asking the exhibition company about the hanging point. In fact, the hanging point is to increase the exhibition space, avoid the support of the ground as much as possible, and instead increase the hanging point above the booth to ensure the stability of the whole booth.Hanging points in booth As a lifting point in booth construction, it is necessary to submit an application to the host or exhibition hall, and the lifting point can be ca

Let the booth design detonate the exhibition effect
First of all, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, and reducing costs has become a key to be based on the market. According to the experience of experts, the market of the exhibition industry depends on the economic boom. During the boom, enterprises have a relatively loose budget, are happy to participate in large and small exhibitions, and require luxurious booths, and the money in their pockets seems to be inexhaustible. However, in the face of economic downturn, they will

Focus on exhibition intellectual property
From the analysis of different levels and industrial chains of the exhibition industry, there are some intellectual property problems in various links of the domestic exhibition industry. In particular, how to effectively solve these problems has become the key to improve the overall level of China's exhibition intellectual property rights.Focus on exhibition 1. What if the exhibition items of domestic exhibition organizers are counterfeited As the owner of some exhibition design projects, e

What are the key points of on-site management of the opening ceremony of the exhibition?
Many exhibitions, including some foreign ones, will hold an opening ceremony or opening ceremony before the opening. The main content is to invite national leaders or heads of relevant national departments, local leaders and guests to attend the opening ceremony, invite leaders to speak, and one or more main leaders press the balloon or colored paper button to announce the official opening of the exhibition. After the opening ceremony, relevant leaders and guests will take the lead in visiting.


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