Expo knowledge

How to show the method of building a sense of space in the exhibition?
In fact, people in the industry know that the purpose of exhibition construction is not to build space, and the model you build can show a comfortable and smooth sense of space. Such exhibition construction will make people feel that they can remember at a glance. So, how to show the sense of space of exhibition construction? Let's introduce the method of building to you. 1: Light and color matching and material selection To show the sense of space built by the exhi

How to choose lighting in booth design ?
Lighting has a great impact on a stage, so it is also very important for booth design. Booth design itself is a visual effect, so as to achieve the publicity role of products. Therefore, it can be seen that lighting is important in booth design. Then, how to choose a good lighting effect in booth design? Let's introduce it to you. 1、 Choose the appropriate lighting form The forms of li

How to grasp the progress of Exhibition Construction ?
For the topic of exhibition construction, Xiaobian really has a lot to share with you, because there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to in exhibition construction. Exhibition construction is a project that needs careful design, so it is not as simple as we thought. What often gives designers a headache is that how to grasp the progress of exhibition construction is really a technical job. 1、 Understand the needs of exhibitors After all, our exhibitio

What preparations need to be made to do a good job in exhibition design?
For an ordinary exhibition design, exhibition builders need to make a lot of preparations. If it is a large exhibition or super large exhibition, exhibition builders need to make preparations a few months in advance, collect materials and simulate the scene. Therefore, when you see a visual feast, they are inseparable from the efforts behind them, Let's introduce what preparations we need to do a good job in exhibition. 1、 Determine the theme of the exhibition The t

The five skills of booth design and construction must be seen!
For the booth, the quality of design and layout directly affects the success of the exhibition and whether it can attract more customers, so as to achieve the purpose of exhibition. Therefore, we need to work hard on the design layout when designing and building the booth. Let's introduce it to you five skills of booth. 1、 Classification and layout For exhibitors, the corresponding products are different for different customer groups. Therefore, the products should

Introduction to decoration materials used in booth construction and their effects
Over the years, there are more and more exhibition halls organized by both enterprises and the government, and the demand for such decoration is also increasing. In order to promote their products and services, more enterprises and government units pay more and more attention to the display effect after the decoration of the exhibition hall. Generally speaking, professional decoration companies will be selected for the decoration of large-scale exhibitions. The following small series will introd

How can the exhibition booth meet the needs of customers?
With the development of society, the competitiveness of various industries has begun to increase day by day. In order to get a place in the fierce competition, many people will adopt various channels to carry out product marketing and promotion, and participating in the exhibition is also one of the marketing methods. Since participating in the exhibition, there must be booth builders, A good booth construction can attract more customers' attention, so how can the exhibition booth construction m

How can exhibition construction attract customers?
With the development of society, all industries begin to seek promotion methods. If they want their enterprises to survive in the fierce competition, they must have professional publicity channels. As the most common publicity channel, the exhibition has attracted more exhibitors. However, with the development of the exhibition, exhibition builders also began to increase gradually. Then, how can exhibition construction attract customers? 1. Pre exhibition preparation


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