Expo knowledge

What are the display methods of exhibits?
The exhibition of exhibits is particularly important when enterprises are designing and building booths. Let's learn about the display methods of exhibits: (1) Target display method Place the exhibition content of important exhibits in the booth, while other exhibits can be displayed in the surrounding showcases or shelves of the main exhibits by category. At the same time, the wall is equipped with a corresponding advertising layout, an

What is the basis for the success of the exhibition?
The structure of the booth is carefully planned. The selection of decoration materials can save or save, and the quality of the exhibition decoration planning can be recycled. Generally, "perfect function, outstanding image, and common shape" are the criteria for judging. However, the "structural planning is wonderful, the booth can be repeated, and "Update and use" is also an important aspect of exhibition planning.What is the basis for the success of the exhibition? Exhibition decoration do

How to apply color to booth design?
The realm of our lives is like a huge visual system composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We feed the visualization back to the world through perception. Color constitutes our splendid life elements; color, an abstract concept, uses light to closely link each element of the natural world. How to apply color to booth design?   As an important element in the design of the booth, color plays an indispensable role. It not only evoke

What are the regulations of the exhibition
When enterprises attend the exhibition, they must know some relevant regulations of the exhibition to better show themselves and achieve the effect of participation. 1.Regulations on booths. Height restriction: The exhibition has restrictions on display racks and exhibits, especially for double-story booths, stairs, and the structure extending outwards from the top of the booth. The height limit is often not prohibition of super

Good booth construction can attract more exhibitors
Booth layout  and booth construction is one of the most core parts of the entire exhibition plan for exhibitors. The quality and demand control of booth construction directly affects the exhibition effect. Good booth construction can attract more exhibitors during the exhibition. Many potential customers came to consult and promote cooperation. So, what factors should be considered for exhibitors in booth construction?   1: Whether the booth const

Have you noticed the details of the booth construction?
When building the booth, what details of the booth should be paid attention to in order to fully improve the customer experience? Here are some experiences for your reference. 1. Decoration of negotiation room The negotiation room is an important place. Many orders may be signed here. It can be said that a good negotiation room i

Precautions for booth construction
Booth construction is a very important part for exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. So, what are the precautions for booth construction?   Time management Arrange the exhibition hall as soon as possible within the time allowed by the organizer, from the design and construction of the booth to the installation of products, to prepare for the upcoming exhibition.   Budget management Participating in an

Skills of exhibition design and layout
For the exhibition, the good exhibition design and layout determines whether the exhibition can be successful and whether it can attract more customers. Therefore, we must work hard on the design and layout. Next, I will introduce some exhibition design and layout skills to you. 1、 Different product classification, different design layout. For the participating companies, different products have different customer groups. Therefore,


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