BolognaFiere's exhibition platform dedicated to water and gas - with ACCADUEO and CH4 - has been further enriched thanks to the agreement recently signed with Mirumir and In Fieri, with the organization of four other exhibition-conferences : ConferenzaGNL, HESE, Dronitaly and Fuels Mobility.Emilia-Romagna and Bologna in particular, due to their special attention to environmental issues and efforts to manage the process of ecological and digital transition, are the perfect location for an even broader and more integrated approach on all the aspects concerning water and energy.

ACCADUEO offers a platform to all players who enhance the value of water in its various fields of application: civil, industrial and agricultural. With its focus on public interest, the show aims to build an advanced industrial supply chain capable of giving impetus to the sector.ACCADUEO highlights outstanding international models and above all Italian talent, expertise and creative solutions with the aim of developing business opportunities at home and abroad and keeping up with today’s innovations and tomorrow’s technologies.About Innovation, a renewed New Products Guide  will be realized on the new products/technologies or services  presented by exhibitors. Innovation Showcase and Award  will feature new products, emerging technologies  and inventions,  selected by a special technical/scientific committee of industry experts, in the following fields:software and services,pipes and manholes,pumps and machinery/plant,Instrumentation.


 CATEGORY & TYPE :Trade Show Industrial Engineering

ITEMS TO BE EXHIBITED Design, large-scale urban hydraulic works, non-polluting plants, drainage works, water schemes, wastewater treatment, accessory systems and instruments for measurement and analysis, drainage systems, information and telecommunication systems equipment, etc.

ELIGIBILITY : Trade only

06-Oct-2021 To 08-Oct-2021

Once in 2 years


Bologna Fiere