LIGHT – Lightfair-International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment

Trade Show Light is the largest event in Poland dedicated to the lighting industry, which gathers hundreds of exhibitors and several thousand visitors each year. Manufacturers from Poland and abroad show their latest products here for 3 days. The international lighting exhibition organized in Warsaw is also the only place that offers such an extensive range of specialized trainings, and also presents global trends in the industry. It is a perfect place for architects and interior designers, investors, producers and distributors, as well as for anyone who is looking for inspiration.

The 28th edition of the International Trade Show LIGHT and the 18th edition of the International Trade Show.ELECTRICITY are one of the most important industry events in 2020, not only in Poland but also in Europe,presenting products, technologies, innovations from the broadly understood area of lighting, electrical engineering, automation, telecommunication and new technologies.This year the Open Interior project referred to the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus and was devoted to intelligent home and building automation solutions.

Light 2020 and Electricty 2020 consisted of exhibitions and training sessions. Trainings, workshops and discussion meetings were an integral part of the events.

The 29th  International Trade Show of light equipment will take place on 3 days from 26. Jan. To 28. Jan. 2022 .

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Lighting, Lighting Technology (industry 11)


Lighting Technology, Lighting Technology, Lamps, Street Lighting, Components, Accessories

ACCESS: Trade visitors and general public


Interval: annually



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