Opti is the leading international expo in the optical glasses and design industry. It is one of the three major European eyewear fairs. It is fixed at opti every January, held in Munich in even-numbered years, and held in Stuttgart in odd-numbered years. Open the industry event for technical exchanges and business negotiations. Every year, many exhibitors and a large number of professional visitors come to Munich. opti2017 exhibited 557 exhibitors from 35 countries and attracted 27,500 visitors. 94% of the exhibitors and 95% of the visitors spoke highly of opti2017.

YES! area: Here designers and manufacturers release the latest development trends of lenses and frames. Here you will also find the new year's trends in the glasses industry.

!HOT area!: 1800 square meters of independent display area. From budding young designers to top designers in the industry, you can see their designs here. Frame formats are various, some are handmade, and some are derived from philosophy. Inspiration is integrated into the design. Some are inspired by philosophy and are integrated into the design. Some are inspired by philosophy and are integrated into the design. The styles are very different. All displayed samples with different functions are engraved with the designer's name.

opti boxes: How young designers and startups design unique products and be recognized in the market. The selected designers and startups will give a 3-minute presentation to the jury and win the BLOOGER SPECTIAL award.

International Pavilion: In 2018, the first international pavilion will be opened. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, France, and the United States will appear in the form of national pavilions for the first time, and 800 square meters of Chinese pavilions will appear in opti2018.

Vintage passionp: The return of the classics. Collectors and buyers of classic glasses (such as Browline, Cateye or Panto glasses) gather here.

Opti Academy: As a person who has retaliation and ideals in the optical industry, how to plan a career? The opti Academy, which is set up in the corridor connecting the C1 and C2 pavilions, provides constructive advice in the fields of curriculum, practice, and re-education.

opti digital solutions: In the four major sectors of digital information and communication, digital production and automation, digital processing management, digital services and intelligent services, we will lead you to provide digital solutions in the field of lens and intelligent innovation.



Interval: annually

Organiser:GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH

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