Pferd & Jagd (cancelled)

The annual Hannover Equestrian and Hunting Fair in Germany is one of the largest and most influential professional fairs in Europe and America.

The exhibition gathers and displays hunting and shooting supplies, fishing tackle and accessories, horse gear, outdoor camping equipment, boats, clothing and related products, and is the most high-end industry event.

During the exhibition, there were many seminars and activities with different themes, and the invited industry elites gathered together to discuss the latest industry information and market development prospects.

The exhibition area reached 90,000 square meters, and 8 exhibition areas were opened, attracting nearly 900 people from 24 countries and regions including Turkey, Italy, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Britain, Russia, the United States, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Several companies participated in the exhibition, exhibiting nearly 10,000 new products, of which the outdoor equipment rich in science and technology was welcomed by the audience.

The four-day exhibition welcomed nearly 100,000 buyers from 36 countries and regions around the world. Many equestrian performances were loved by the audience and the scene was very popular. According to the exhibition report, 91.8% of the buyers expressed their satisfaction with the exhibition and would recommend them to others; 89.8% of the buyers said they had reached cooperation with the exhibitors; 93.4% of the buyers said they would continue to participate in the exhibition.



Interval: annually

Organiser:Fachausstellungen Heckmann GmbH

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