SITEM – International Trade Show for Museums and Tourist Sites: Equipment and Enhancement

Conferences and Workshops

The SITEM Conferences bring together international actors and the topics discussed go off the beaten track. As for the Workshops, they form an unparalleled set of case studies. These intellectual materials, with their constantly renewed originality, have become one of SITEM's points of attraction.

The foundations of SITEM, as its 25th edition is being prepared, are based on the analysis and understanding of the global museum: its structure, its functioning, its particularities, its evolutions.

Illustrated by its exhibitors, SITEM presented and analyzed all the major technological phases of museums. Today digital is everywhere, marketing in common use, ticketing essential. A growing part of their activity is joining the business economy. The creation and development of own resources is gaining in importance. New objectives and actors appear. Cross-cutting is essential.

SITEM is, in fact, sensitive to the roles and permanent interactions that museums establish with their territory. Having become attractive gathering places, they are actors in local sociability, sometimes pushed quite far, to physical and mental health.

SITEM has thus become, perhaps, the only space where public and private professionals of culture, city, economy, territories and tourism, meet, understand and collaborate. Which will be very useful for the times to come.


Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Carrousel du Louvre, 75001 Paris


Cultural, heritage, tourist and community institutions and sites: free

Commercial enterprises (supplies, works, services): 75 €

Students: € 10

Parking lots and access

Parking Indigo

Carrousel du Louvre

Avenue du Général Lemonier

75001 PARIS

600 spaces

Industry sector: Arts, Antiques (industry 46)
Main product group: Technical Fittings for Museums, Art Preservation, Security Systems, Monument Conservation, Digital technique
Opening hours: Trade visitors: daily 09:30-18:30 h

14.9.-16.9, 2021

March 2022

Interval: annually

Organiser: Museumexperts

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