Smart City + Smart Grid

Smart cities and smart grids. The comparison between the two main themes that make up the DNA of our show has never been so obvious. When we are emerging from a serious health crisis situation and the economic crisis is waiting for us, the vigorous promotion of environmentalists in the last municipal election shows that the energy transition and other topics-taking the lead in fighting global warming-political agenda More important than ever.

The smart city theme is closely related to this concern, because reducing the energy consumption of cities (and regions) is the goal of this digital transformation and is a powerful engine. In the two major smart city projects in France (Dijon and Angers) that have received much attention, almost one-third of the funds come from saving electricity consumption for public lighting.

In addition, the work of the "Citizens' Climate Convention" confirms this social expectation to take rapid and forceful action to support the energy transition. This expectation can only be enhanced by the latest climate readings: the first half of 2020 is the hottest record ever in France, as the temperature is measured by "abnormal" (deviation from the average) + 1.8°.


March 2022

Interval: annually

Organiser: INFOPROMOTIONS/Groupe Solutions

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