Several principles to be clear in exhibition design

When it comes to exhibitions, everyone will not feel strange. However, some people may not know that there are many important things in all the exhibition process, that is, exhibition design. There are many principles in the layout of exhibition design, one of which is purposefulness. Now let’s have a comprehensive clear in exhibition design

1. Show the relationship between enterprises and designers

There are many principles involved in the design and layout of exhibition. I will say one principle here. Designers can think a lot when designing the layout, but these ideas are not necessarily feasible. They must communicate with the companies participating in the exhibition, ask the other party what style they want when participating in the exhibition, and know the intention of participating in the exhibition. Consider what image you want to build. In short, the designed booth must meet the needs of the companies participating in the exhibition and achieve the desired effect.

2. The relationship between art and Exhibition

In the design process, designers should always remind themselves of what is the main part. No matter what the final design is, the protagonist is unchangeable. The protagonist is the booth and exhibits. The quality of design is not measured by money, nor by how consistent it is with artistic standards. Good exhibition design can generally express the purpose of enterprises participating in the exhibition, clearly show the intention of participating in the exhibition, attract more people, and the exhibits can well express their advantages and characteristics.

3. Relationship between exhibition and trade

If the type of exhibition is trade, it should be clear that the means of trade development is exhibition, the environment of trade development is exhibition stand, and the thing of trade development is products.

4. Relationship between exhibition design and related work

There are a lot of related work during the exhibition, and the relationship between them should be handled well. I won’t introduce them in detail clear in exhibition design
The above is a brief introduction to the purposeful principles of exhibition design. A designer needs to know many relevant principles when arranging exhibition design. If these principles are not mastered well, it will have a great impact on the effect of exhibition design.

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