What factors should be considered in booth construction?

Booth construction is the basis of booth design, and solid, practical and beautiful booth construction is the foundation of booth design. Now people are increasingly pursuing more efficient and flexible booth construction. Let’s introduce the factors that should be paid attention to in booth construction.be considered in booth construction

1. Solid booth construction is the foundation

Wooden materials and high-strength plastics are generally used for booth construction, and metal frame support is selected for some booths. It is worth noting that when building a booth that requires a large amount of load-bearing capacity, it is necessary to select materials with good load-bearing capacity and set a solid structure. Secondly, some booths need to build design elements such as graphic changes. Lighter plastics can be selected to meet the demand for appearance.

2. Flexible and practical booth construction is more convenient and fast

Nowadays, many exhibitions are temporary. When building the booth, pay attention to the flexibility of the booth, which can facilitate the design of handling, so as to ensure the storage and next use. In booth construction, the background of cloth products booth, paper advertisements or billboards are the embodiment of flexible construction design. More efficient booth construction is a general trend of our pursuit of booth construction, which also deserves our attention.

3. Beautiful appearance is often more eye-catching

Whether the booth is beautiful or not largely determines whether the booth is built successfully. The design of building a good booth is reflected in all aspects, such as the matching of the overall visual effect and exhibition items, the matching of the bottom of the booth and the color of the exhibits, the necessary lighting settings, etc. The booth construction should pay attention to people’s hobbies and try to beautify it on the basis of innovation to ensure enough traffic and people’s attention.be considered in booth construction

Finally, in the process of booth construction, firmness, flexibility and aesthetics are all what we pursue, which we need to pay more attention to. From these perspectives, exploring the attention factors can help us build a better booth and design a more perfect booth!

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