Detailed analysis of aspects needing attention in the exhibition design process

Attention should be paid to all aspects in the exhibition design scheme. The situation that needs to be considered in the exhibition design is particularly complex and messy, so we need to make a plan for the exhibition design in advance, in which we introduce and analyze the most key perspective points in the exhibition design in detail.

1: Design of space and booth location

The first step of exhibition design is to determine the space division of exhibition site. First of all, pay attention to the design of reasonable exhibition area and pedestrian route to avoid repetition. Ring is the main design choice. Secondly, we should pay attention to whether the location and layout of the booth are reasonable, whether it needs to be displayed separately, and whether there needs to be a gradual order.

2: Booth construction and strengthening design

Booth construction is one of the most important components in the exhibition design process. Attention should be paid to the booth construction: whether the booth is solid, whether the booth size is appropriate, whether the booth space design is reasonable, whether there will be a waste of resources on the booth, whether the comparison plan can achieve the expected design effect, whether it can provide a space foundation for later beautification, etc.

3: Design of overall lighting layout

Lighting design has increasingly become a personalized design factor in exhibition design. Because the exhibition is generally indoors, light and different colors of light have a great impact on the overall effect of exhibition design. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to lighting factors in exhibition design.

4: Overall beautification design

Exhibition design should have a sense of integrity, not complex and messy, no theme and no key content. The overall beautification design of exhibition design is reflected in: color matching, theme, booth design, space visual effect, etc. The overall beautification should be as simple as possible, and about 3-4 theme colors can be used.Detailed analysis of aspects

The analysis of the above aspects that should be paid attention to in the exhibition design process can minimize the troubles and problems encountered in the exhibition design work, and help understand the details of the exhibition design. You can refer to it by yourself.Detailed analysis of aspects

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