What are the key elements of booth design?

Only by ensuring that each element is appropriate can the whole exhibition space look more creative and meet the visual needs of visitors.Booth design contains many elements. Only by ensuring that each element is appropriate can the whole exhibition space look more creative and meet the visual needs of visitors. Now let’s share what key elements need to be paid attention to in the process of booth design?

Element 1: sense of creativity

If you want the booth design to be eye-catching, you should be creative. The creativity here can be to make some innovations in the overall style, or to adjust the modeling design and height of the whole booth to form a strong contrast with the surrounding booths. Only when the space of the whole exhibition is properly designed can it attract the attention of visitors.

Element 2: sense of space

Booth design must be inseparable from the sense of space. After the space is divided through different colors and different lights, there will be different visual experience when entering different spaces. At the same time, the rest place should be designed according to the number of people, so as to ensure that visitors can see different exhibits within the visual range even when they are resting. The space location of the exhibition is very limited, but as long as it is fully utilized, it can be used around, on the ground or on the ceiling, so as to expand the whole visual space and become more three-dimensional.

Element 3: sense of line

The sense of line here refers to the traffic line on the one hand and the lines on the form on the other. In the process of booth design, some lines must be made to guide visitors, so that visitors will not get lost inside, or solve the problem of not knowing where to visit. These lines are traffic lines. In addition to the use of traffic lines, formal lines are also needed to further plan the space, so that visitors can feel that the design of the whole space is very harmonious and rhythmic, so as to improve the visual experience.

Generally speaking, booth design mainly involves three key elements, namely, creativity, space and line. These three elements can make the exhibition space better planned and achieve better results.

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