How to use color to improve the attention of exhibition stand in the construction of exhibition stand?

For some enterprises that often participate in exhibitions, if they want their enterprises to stand out among many exhibitors, they should pay attention to the construction of exhibition booths. Booth design can help enterprises better improve their attention, but also improve the exposure rate of products. If they want to make booth design better, they must add some creativity, Reasonable use of color to enhance attention, the following small series will briefly introduce how to use color in booth design.

1. Design in blue

Some designers will also use blue to design the booth, and blue can give people a sense of elegance and tranquility, but also make people have more imagination space. At the same time, blue has a darker tone for other colors. In order to achieve the ideal design effect, you can display different styles by adjusting the darkness of the tone.

2. Design in black

When participating in the exhibition, many exhibition booths will be built in black, and black can play a better prominent effect. Generally speaking, when designing in black, do not use all black, but use other colors, which can make the booth design look higher and more beautiful. Because black itself has a good noble texture and can effectively cover up the defects of other colors, it can not only match with white, but also match with gold to make the color look more attractive.

3. Design with gold

Gold, a luxurious color, itself can emit gorgeous and dazzling brilliance, making people feel dizzying.
Because color is very important for every exhibition booth builder, if you want to do a good job in booth design and improve the degree of attention, you must understand the different characteristics of different colors. Grasping the way of using color, skillfully using color, and with the help of different effects of different colors, visitors can have a greater visual impact and attract more people’s attention.

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