What are the four key elements of pavilion design?

There are many parts that need our attention when designing the exhibition hall, including four elements. The elements of booth design include many aspects. To do a good job of booth design, we must start from the four elements – creativity, plane, space and technology.four key elements of pavilion design

1、 Originality

When designing the booth, we need to pay special attention to the creative part, and we should be creative first. However, creativity is not unrestrained, but needs to be innovated according to the overall style. We need to take into account the size, height and location of exhibits and exhibition halls.

2、 Plane sense

The sense of plane refers to the cognition of the aesthetic rationality and functional rationality of the paper in the booth art design plan. This is an important basis for three-dimensional space design and construction.

3、 Sense of space

1. Separation of spaces

Clear methods can be used to divide space. For example, guardrails, display cabinets and light partition walls can also be separated by different colors, different materials and local light.

2. Utilization of space

The design space of the exhibition hall is limited, so we should make full use of the surrounding space, ground, ceiling and other aspects. In the actual design, we also need to use the adjacent booth space and borrow the space of others, so as to expand our own space.

3. Rhythm of space

In terms of gathering and evacuation of human flow, we need to take into account that we should be relaxed and the distance of sight should be far, near and variable.

4、 Sense of Technology

We can appreciate the exquisite materialization technology. Exquisite structure, exquisite workmanship and novel materials can bring people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Technical awareness requires strict and meticulous design, strict material selection and strict construction.
The above are the four key elements of the exhibition hall design shared today, including creativity, plane, space and technology. Only by fully considering these parts can we design a good exhibition hall and play a good role.four key elements of pavilion design

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