How to use color skillfully in exhibition design

In the exhibition design, in addition to the reasonable layout, we should also pay attention to the choice of color. An excellent exhibition design is inseparable from the filling of color. Good color can better attract the attention of visitors, leave a deep impression on visitors, and make it easier for visitors to find and identify. The ingenious color matching can make visitors touch their memories after the meeting. So, how to skillfully use color in exhibition design?

1、 The color should be unique

When designing the exhibition, the color must be unique, but it cannot be separated from the exhibition goal and business image. As we all know, among many art forms, color is the most influential. Through color, visitors can make good and bad judgments. Therefore, for exhibition design, color design and selection are very important, which will determine the success or failure of the final design product. In the choice of color, designers should have a full understanding of the enterprise and its products, and have in-depth communication with customers. At the same time, they should also use lighting, props and other elements.

2、 Try to be concise

The selection of color in exhibition design should apply the general principle, that is, it should be as concise as possible. The exhibition design does not mean that the more colors or the more bright colors, the better, because too many colors and too bright colors will cause visual fatigue for visitors, and the color selection should be harmonious. For example, when choosing the color of exhibition design, it is best to choose according to the customer’s corporate image and corresponding exhibits. Factors such as display time and display location should be fully considered. It should be more inclined to use standard colors and approximate colors, so as to better present a harmonious and unified visual environment and create a better visual experience for visitors,.

The above is what I share with you. When designing the exhibition, how to skillfully use the relevant contents of color and master these will bring better results.

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