What are the main considerations for booth construction?

As we all know, the theme is the soul of the exhibition. The theme of the design is the basic starting point of the design. The structure and color of the exhibition booth must exist in the booth construction, which plays a good qualitative role in the exhibition. Then, how to explore the theme thinking, creative sources and the expression of exhibits in the booth construction design? Let’s share with you.the main considerations

1. Thematic thinking

In the booth construction, the theme must be creative and bright, but the changes are diverse, and it is difficult to be unified. There is no absolute judgment standard, especially when artistic and personalized design is emphasized. But either personality or creativity, design is not simple. These must be considered.

2. Creative sources

When you build the booth, the design purpose is to follow the basic needs of visitors and the public’s aesthetics. It is advanced and innovative, so that your creativity has practical value and significance. The source of design creativity is the characteristics of exhibits. In the booth design, the characteristics of exhibits should include three-dimensional sense, craftsmanship, historical background, etc., which are the final starting point of the main creativity. It is a fit that appears on the booth, so the creative design greatly improves the value of the exhibition.

3. Expression

In other words, when the booth is built, it is necessary to combine concrete and historical abstraction. The exhibits must have strong vitality and must be displayed and expressed with certain external forces. Such expression is inseparable from emotion and superb aesthetics. It must also be combined with social and cultural background, and also consider the scale of customs and people’s conditions. This runs through the dynamic and static display, which is also the basic principle of booth construction.
Here s&w, we will talk about the theme thinking, creative sources, and how to explore the expression of exhibits in the booth construction design. This is a concept that we must uphold when building the booth.the main considerations

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