What are the scheme drawings of booth design?

The exhibition has been the main way for enterprises to display their products and technologies. When participating in the exhibition, they must also face the competition of many products. Then, the exhibition and exhibition stand will need to be advanced. What is the effect picture, construction plan and main structure plan of the booth design plan?the scheme drawings of booth

1. Booth design renderings

When designing the booth, the general effect drawing appears in 3D, so that you can understand the virtual effect after the booth is built. The designer must also render the image and show the effect drawing from many angles. He must also add the description of the basic design of the booth, so as to explain his own design ideas and the source of the design. In this way, the demand side can screen according to needs, which is also conducive to reducing costs during booth design.

2. Booth design and construction drawing

As far as the construction drawing of booth design is concerned, it is the basic basis for booth construction, with excellent detailed annotation, so as to make the whole booth composition structure appear vertical, or in the form of section drawing, showing its size, material, etc., so as to guide the types of work in exhibition construction, and then carry out construction according to certain processes. Construction drawings generally involve basic structural requirements, as well as material composition and construction technical requirements. These must be constructed by construction personnel in the form of drawings, so that the project can be completed accurately. If there are no construction drawings in the booth design, the construction can not be promoted, and even there are a lot of costs.

3. Main structure drawing and plan of booth

During the booth design, the main structure drawing is extremely important, so that the construction party can understand the basic structure of the booth, so as to further design and build the booth. The plan is the so-called top view, which is to understand the basic condition of the booth from the top, while the elevation is to understand the long and high conditions, and the planing drawing is for the construction party to understand the content and details. The position of circuit diagram and electric box is the key point that must be paid attention to in detail.

The above compendium is about the basic information of the booth design scheme, such as the effect drawing, construction drawing, main structure drawing, etc., which are necessary technical data in the booth construction.the scheme drawings of booth

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