【ES】GENERA 2021 will present the latest solutions in renewable energies

GENERA 2021, the International Energy and Environment Fair, organized by IFEMA MADRID, at its Fairgrounds and to be held from November 16 to 18, will present, together with the main companies in the sector, the latest solutions in renewable energies, which show the best innovative profile and the effort in R & D of this industry.

Below are some of the novelties that can be seen in GENERA 2021:

ABORA SOLAR’s hybrid solar panels (photovoltaic-thermal PVT) combine the production of both types of solar energy – solar heat and solar electricity – in a single collector, thus obtaining a higher performance per surface. While the electrical and thermal performance of a hybrid panel is lower than that offered by each of these technologies separately, PVT panels do produce more energy per unit area. This feature is particularly important when the surface area available for installation is small. These hybrid solar panels with aHTech® technology not only minimize the heat loss of a panel, but also increase photovoltaic production thanks to the cooling achieved by photovoltaic cells.

AMPERE ENERGY,a Spanish company specialized in the design, development and manufacture of intelligent energy management and storage systems (SEMS), will present the first energy services platform for the management of local energy communities. Through it, marketers, energy cooperatives and real estate developers can implement and manage energy models based on renewable and sustainable sources. The new platform allows, in turn, the future exchange of energy between people (peer to peer – P2P) by registering microtransactions in blockchain technology. The company also attends the event with its latest advances in equipment and solutions for the storage and intelligent management of energy.

AUTARCO’s MHI series solar panels use half-cut monocrystalline PERC cells with advanced multi-wire technology, to offer greater efficiency without compromising reliability at a rated voltage of 1500V DC. The ability to withstand mechanical loads of up to 5400 Pa, combined with superior resistance to sand, salt and ammonia, offers long-lasting performance even in the harshest environments.

BEEPLANET FACTORY, leader in storage with second-life electric vehicle batteries, presents the Power ESS -distinguished with a special mention in the GENERA Innovation Gallery-, prepared to be integrated into photovoltaic and wind plants; with capacity from 42kWh up to 1MWh. It is characterized by its flexibility, long life and decarbonization and can be installed indistinctly indoors and outdoors.

BIGDATA SOLUTIONES is a Spanish AI and Big Data startup specialized in predictive models and advanced analytics. Founded in Vitoria in 2021, the company helps industrial companies improve their energy consumption of electricity, gas, water and compressed air through intelligent data management. At the Fair, it will present solutions for a more sustainable energy use, facilitating decision-making through predictive models of energy consumption. The company is present in several industries such as steel, chemical and automotive.

CHARGEVITE has designed and manufactured a complete range of charging stations for electric vehicles based in Zaragoza (Spain). From the compact but powerful Chargevite S, to the multipoint recharge of the Chargevite X, through the versatile Chargevite M and its pedestal version, Chargevite L. In addition, it complements its offer of charging stations with a powerful software in two versions.

DAHUA -present in the Innovation Gallery- exhibits its Autonomous Intelligent Surveillance System for photovoltaic plants under construction and other off-grid sites. The project consists of the integration and implementation of autonomous intelligent security systems based on video analysis and power technologies through 100% Renewable energies. In the renewable energy industry, we will find locations where supplies are permanently or temporarily lacking, both power and transmission and which in turn are key locations for the storage and custody of construction materials. In this aspect, DAHUA, as a leading manufacturer of security systems, has developed a system that is based on the latest technologies of video analysis and artificial intelligence, which will allow to have control of the sites regardless of the conditions of the environment, whether they are light, climatological etc.

DECEUNINCK attends GENERA 2021 with its Elegant Infinity ThermoFibra Profile and PROtex 2.0 blind drawer. Certified Passive House, Elegant Infinity ThermoFibra is a high efficiency profile with capacity for glass up to 67 mm and chambers with cross walls, type PRATT beams, which offer greater rigidity. For its part, the PROtex 2.0 blind drawer is the first drawer to obtain the Passive House certificate, which guarantees maximum insulation and tightness with an excellent acoustic attenuation value of up to 53 dB (-1; -3).

QuiPower Storage, from ENEQUI IBÉRICA, includes both the battery and the intelligence behind your power system. Its advanced software learns your consumption patterns, thus being able to store the energy when it is at its lowest price and use it when necessary and in peak tariff periods. QuiPower Storage allows you to store clean energy and use 100% of the production. In this way, instead of having to return excess energy to the grid at a lower price, grant control of energy production and management, ensuring the self-sustainability of your property.

ENERCLIC is a specialist in the design and manufacture of energy measurement equipment, communications (smartdatalogger), and development of web monitoring platforms, mainly for photovoltaic plants. At its stand, you can see its latest developments in “supervised” collective self-consumption (energy communities), universal solar self-consumption (anti-dumping, electric vehicle, load management), environmental information screens, Control Center (Delegated Office), SCADA SOLAR of Utilities (PPC NTS 2.1), Telemetry / Remote management of meters, etc.

ENPHASE’s home energy solution is a cloud energy platform that fully integrates the production, storage and control of solar energy. The Enphase solar system has a fully distributed architecture. With the modular design of the microinverters, the system can be easily expanded according to the needs at any given time. In addition, the installation of bulky electronic components in the house is not required and they have the lowest EMC emissions, which does not run the risk of interference with other appliances.

In the field of photovoltaic inverters, the Fronius GEN24 Plus from FRONIUS, notable for its integrated emergency power function, and the Fronius Tauro Eco, the ideal equipment for large installations, will share space with the famous Fronius SnapInverters, flexible equipment suitable for any type of PV system. The mobility sector will be represented by the new charging device for electric cars, Fronius Wattpilot, as well as by Solhub, the company’s innovative solution for the generation, use and local storage of green hydrogen. The Fronius Ohmpilot, the consumption regulator that allows the use of excess solar energy for the supply of hot water, will complete the exhibition of products that allow the efficient combination of the different energy sectors. However, this efficiency would not be possible without optimal monitoring such as that offered by this exhibitor, through its Fronius Solar.web, an exclusive online platform, also available in App format, which will be possible to test and discover in person by visitors to the stand.

INGETEAM will present its new INGECON SUN 3Power C Series central inverter. This three-phase equipment, aimed at large photovoltaic plants, reaches 3.8 MW thanks to its higher power density. It also has greater thermal stability thanks to its innovative air-water cooling system. This inverter is very versatile, as it is also suitable for storage systems. The second novelty is the new three-phase battery inverter, the INGECON SUN STORAGE 100TL. This inverter has an unparalleled thermal performance, since it can deliver its nominal power up to 50 ºC of ambient temperature. The company will also show its medium voltage solutions for photovoltaic plants designed using both central inverters and string or chain, which are supplied as an “all-in-one” solution, integrated and wired from the factory for immediate connection in the field. It will also exhibit its hybrid inverter (solar + batteries) of 6 kW belonging to the INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play TL M family, which combines two photovoltaic inputs and a battery input.

ISIGENERE is an engineering and product development company that has developed ISIFLOATING, the world’s pioneering floating solar structure system since 2008. ISIFLOATING has a patented technology that allows the coverage of water surfaces to build floating solar plants on top of multiple bodies of water: irrigation ponds, industrial rafts, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, water treatment plants or mine lakes.

METEO FOR ENERGY is an energy production prediction company for renewable energy plants. This startup, located in the Álava Technology Park, combines meteorological solutions and artificial intelligence technology, with the aim of reducing operation and maintenance expenses, as well as diversion costs; in addition to optimizing the energy production of the plants. has developed a platform that offers predictive energy models based on meteorological data for photovoltaic, wind and solar thermal energy.

PARAGON SOLAR attends the Fair, with the strategy of assuring customers of the supply, both in time and price, to photovoltaic specialists, thus trying to solve the problems that the sector has suffered in the last year and a half.

SENS – STEAG Solar Energy Solutions is a global provider of renewable energy services, which develops and executes turnkey projects of photovoltaic solar energy, as well as energy efficiency solutions. The company specializes in the turnkey execution of large-scale photovoltaic parks around the world. It also offers integral solutions for photovoltaic installations on roof. And it supports industry and commerce in renewable energy generation projects, with storage systems, e-mobility and charging infrastructure to contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint.

SMART FLOWER will show its innovative solar energy production system, characterized by an intelligent design, inspired by the movement of sunflowers. At dawn, its panels unfold elegantly. An astronomical control system allows them to follow the solar path, always standing at an angle of 90º with respect to the sun. Thanks to this, it is able to achieve optimal results in the generation of energy. At dusk, your panels will close until the next day, and all this absolutely automatically. To the efficiency in the production of clean energy, other interesting features are added. It has a self-cleaning system, which removes dust from the plates every time they fold or unfold. Its natural cooling system means that its performance is between 5% and 10% higher than that of other traditional installations.

SolarAYS solar modules rotate in search of the sun without the need for motors or electricity, and generate electrical and thermal energy, tripling the efficiency of conventional panels. they produce 30% more energy and reduce the space and installation and maintenance costs of silicon plates.

SOLAR CLEANO stands out with its SolarCleano F1, a solar panel cleaning robot widely recognized in the market for its high performance. In fact, the firm is one of the main suppliers of this type of product.

SOLAR TODAY is a company located in several countries in Europe and headquartered in the Netherlands, which has been in the market for more than 10 years being a benchmark in the distribution of photovoltaic material for installers throughout Europe. It provides its clients with support in the study and project phase; constant professional technical assistance and in all phases of a project, and constant face-to-face and free training courses to make an update on products, installation and safety. SolarToday supplies the highest quality brands: Canadian Solar, Jinko, Huawei, SolarEdge, SAJ, IMS Solar and Van der VAlk.

SOLEME is a specialist in photovoltaic material, standing out for its innovative solutions that allow it to guarantee its quality and commitment to the client. In addition, it has a qualified team ready to advise you on each of your projects. He has been working in the sector for more than 15 years.

SOLID Energías Renovables is an independent company leader in engineering and consulting services of high added value in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal, biomass …) and its electrical evacuation infrastructure (substations and lines), including hybridization and storage solutions.

SOPREMA IBERIA will present the SOPRASOLAR system® of supports, ideal for the placement of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. The main advantages of this product are: Waterproofing intact; no need for ballast; solution ready to install, and without thermal bridges.

In the residential area, SUNGROW will show its new residential equipment. The SGRT three-phase series was launched in June this year and the single-phase series saw the light of day just two months ago. These devices have PID Recovery technology to minimize the polarization of the modules and an AFCI protection system to ensure maximum safety. It will also announce the launches it proposes for 2022 in the residential sector. In 2022, the first SHRS single-phase hybrid inverters (3-6kW) will arrive in Spain, together with the SBR storage system. Three-phase hybrids SHRT (5-10kW) will arrive a few months later. In this way, Sungrow will cover the entire residential sector and provide a residential storage solution that stands out for its simple installation and compact design. In the commercial and industrial field, you can see the Commercial Extreme series. A series of which more than 300MW have already been supplied in the Spanish market. Also noteworthy is iSolarCloud, the company’s monitoring platform. In this platform, more than 500 photovoltaic plants are already monitored and a total power of more than 65MW.

SUNSUPPORT designs, manufactures and markets all types of photovoltaic panel support structures. Its central factory is located in Jerez del Marquesado (Granada), where the central offices and the machining factory of aluminum and metal elements in general are located. It develops its activity both in manufacturing and distribution and in R & D. It has a team of specialists formed by engineers and operators with extensive experience in the sector.

TECNO SUN has more than 45 years of experience as a wholesale distributor specialized in photovoltaic solar energy, helping since 1976 professionals, installers and distributors in the sector with products from the best manufacturers, being the oldest photovoltaic distributor in Europe, with main values of innovation, quality of service and the know-how of its trajectory.

TOP CABLE, cable manufacturer, will present its range of solar cables, for electric vehicle infrastructures and industry 4.0, in addition to promoting its recent training program CAMPUS Top Cable.

The revolution of electric mobility has meant an important change in the means of transport. In addition, the sale of the electric vehicle continues to increase by leaps and bounds. For this expansion, TOSCANO has closed an agreement with 3 of the main energy marketers in the country. Through this agreement, they will supply their electric vehicle charging point protection panels, ECO-VE-PRO. The ECO-VE-PRO protection panel complies with the ITC-BT-52 standard by incorporating the protection elements required by this standard: Class A differential; Protector of transient and permanent surges; Magnetothermic switch, and System to reconnect the recharging point in case there is a trigger of the smart meter due to overconsumer (ICP function).

With archelios™ Suite, TRACE SOFTWARE offers a unique tool for professionals who design and maintain photovoltaic installations of all kinds: on roofs or solar parks,connected to the grid or in isolated sites, in self-consumption with or without energy storage.

The YINGLI SOLAR product family is composed of different modules of monocrystalline technology type PERC, which guarantees the maximum performance of the facilities thanks to the combination of this technology with characteristics such as split cells, multibusbar and large cells type M10 (182 mm). Its family is structured in modules of different dimensions, starting from the modules of 108 HC Cell, with powers from 410 Wp, followed by modules of 132 HC Cell, which have powers from 490 Wp, to close the family with modules of 144 HC Cell with power from 540 Wp. All of them, also available with bifacial technology, for a better use of solar radiation.

YOUENERGY is a Swiss company, with extensive experience in the solar sector focused on the transition to clean energy, by offering self-consumption PPAs to companies. This flexible solution allows customers in the industrial, commercial and public sectors to consume energy generated locally through solar self-consumption systems without the need to make the investment directly.

GENERA 2021 will be held in a completely safe environment, by implementing the wide range of anti-Covid-19 measures, which IFEMA MADRID has been applying in all its events, following the rigorous protocols recommended by the health authorities.

The celebration of this edition of GENERA has the support of the Community of Madrid within the framework of a collaboration agreement with IFEMA MADRID, aimed at supporting companies in their digital transformation and internationalization, as well as the common objective for which both institutions work, such as the economic and international promotion of Madrid.

ePower&Building will be held in November 2022

The member fairs of ePower & Building -CONSTRUTEC, VETECO, BIMEXPO, ARCHISTONE, MATELEC, MATELEC LIGHTING and MATELEC INDUSTRY-, will be held, in person, on their usual dates of even years: November 15 to 18, 2022.

The renewable energies represented in GENERA are related to IFEMA MADRID’s firm commitment to the mobility of the future, through its new project aimed at leading international sustainable mobility from Spain. The new event, Global Mobility Call, organized together with Smobhub, will be held from June 14 to 16, 2022, with the aim of becoming an international benchmark and promoting from Madrid and Spain the debate and implementation of sustainable mobility policies, with a transversal vision to all the economic and social sectors on which it impacts.

NOTE: according to information provided by exhibitors.

More information: https://www.ifema.es/genera



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