【PL】Acoustic concert of Michał Wiśniewski at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre

On Sunday, November 21, Michał Wiśniewski will perform on the stage of the Targi Kielce Congress Center on the occasion of the “Michał Wiśniewski acoustically” concert tour. In an interview with the singer, we learned some details about the uniqueness of the acoustic tour and the singer’s work. We encourage you to read.


The “A let them talk” tour is the first edition of Michał Wiśniewski’s acoustic concerts. What prompted you to organize this form of concert?

The idea was to go back to the sources. For a good 25 years we have only played large outdoor events. First of all, we are very far from the audience, for this we have to use a large sound system, and thus we lose the sense of closeness with the fans, who have always been very important to us, from the very beginning. It is worth recalling that the band Ich Troje was created with a musical atmosphere in mind, which is associated with a specific form of presentation of songs. Acoustic meetings in an intimate group allow for better achievement of this effect. We want the audience to be able to even touch us in a sense. This is how the idea of acoustic concerts was born, which so far works very well.

What songs will you be able to hear during this tour?

An acoustic concert is also characterized by the fact that we are not forced to sing only hits. Of course, in our case there are hits in acoustic versions, such as “A wszystko to”, “Babski świat” or “Always with you I would like to be”, but above all the band will perform such songs that we will not hear at a standard stage concert. These are songs that do very well, e.g. on the Internet. We can see that they are often listened to, but they do not fit into the playlist of large concerts, where in a sense we are forced to play only hits. An additional attraction of this tour is that as many as 16 songs are changed during each concert. Of course, there are hits, but the rest of the list is modified before each performance, making each of them unique.

During your concert, she will perform on stage and “wrap” the listeners with her voice Ania Świątczak – vocalist of the band Ich Troje. What repertoire will he perform? Will you also perform together?

Each of the vocalists of Ich Troje had “this something”, but for me Ania Świątczak is absolutely unique. Let me say this not only because she was my wife, but because she fit perfectly into the team at a very important moment for us. In fact, I say about her that she “envelops” with her voice, especially in acoustic versions. In her performances she is very emotional and thanks to that she fits into the atmosphere of the band, because Ich Troje is really fictionalized pop, where we play various “roles”, including musical ones. Very often I encourage the audience to close their eyes and let themselves be “touched” by their voice. At acoustic concerts, this is all the more possible because the music creates a background for the basic instrument, which is the voice. And because I create the atmosphere with my voice, and Ania is the one who can sing, it is the perfect marriage for us (laughs). Of course, at the concert you will hear many of our duets, those known and those a bit more forgotten.

This is a great opportunity for your fans who, by purchasing a special type of ticket to the concert, will be able to take part in your rehearsal, meet you after the concert and take a photo together. What kind of ticket is it?

We have seen an interesting patent for fans in the West, which is the introduction of the so-called “sponsorship” tickets. Such tickets allow, for example, to take part in the band’s rehearsal, which is a unique opportunity especially in the case of this tour, because at outdoor concerts I do not take part in rehearsals, and here and yes. You can also learn the secrets of our workshop. There are also VIP Backstage Pass tickets available, which guarantee that you will meet me and talk.

In November, you will appear in Kielce on the occasion of the second tour, called “Always forward – never backward”. What other cities are still on your acoustic tour?

Very often the question arises whether, apart from the November concert in Kielce, we will appear somewhere else. Probably yes. During the previous edition of the project “Michał Wiśniewski acoustically” we gave over a hundred concerts throughout Poland. After Kielce, we will visit Warsaw, Bartoszyce, Aleksandrów and Bolesławiec, and then Zakopane, Wisła, Karpacz and so on. The route, as you can see, is very large, we will be in many places to which we warmly invite you.



On Sunday, November 21, Michał Wiśniewski will perform at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre. Beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets from 69 PLN on the kupbilecik.plwebsite.

Normal ticket – entitles only to participate in the concert.

Sponsor Package ticket (PLN 349) – sponsorship tickets entitle you to participate in the band’s rehearsal, and after the concert to meet Michał and take a photo together in the first place. In addition, each Sponsor ticket holder will also receive a vocalist’s CD.


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