【DE】Largest public fair 2021 opens its doors

Hissing steam locomotives, buzzing engines of rattling excavators and tractors, a splash of floating tugboats and submarines in the miniature sea and buzzing flying objects in the air: Lautstark opens on the 17th. November the largest public fair 2021 at Messe Dortmund and presents model makers and those who want to become one by Saturday, the 20th. November 2021, in five halls a dreamlike world in miniature format. Around 325 international exhibitors from all model building segments do not want to miss presenting an unforgettable INTERMODELLBAU winter edition to visitors later this year. If you want to do without “snake standing”, tickets are available in advance in the online shop. The 3G rules apply.


Dortmund – Whether made of wood, clamping blocks or the “real” model railway – almost everyone knows the image of the toy railway under the Christmas tree. Some have thus found their enthusiasm for model making. Where enthusiasm can lead, many great showrooms from numerous countries of different sizes will also show in 2021. And who knows – maybe the numerous dealers and exhibitors will still have one or the other gift idea for the coming Christmas.


Finally live again


Whether with the whole family or as an experienced model maker, the varied program and the large selection of products from all model making sectors have made INTERMODELLBAU an attractive meeting place for young and old for years. The last trade fair was two and a half years ago, because shortly before the start of the world’s largest trade fair for model making and model sports 2020, the pandemic broke out. When the government gave the green light, it was clear: The community should be given the opportunity to experience products, trends and demonstrations live again on site at Messe Dortmund, says Sabine Loos, Managing Director of the Westfalenhallen Group. A comprehensive hygiene protection concept ensures maximum safety on all trade fair days. With the winter edition, visitors can also do their Christmas shopping relaxed before the last-minute hustle and bustle in December at INTERMODELBAU.


Exhibitors from a total of 13 countries will once again present impressive and detailed products, models and the latest technology this year, give tips on model making or sports, show the latest trends and inspire the audience with exciting competitions and daring demonstrations, races and hands-on campaigns. In addition to numerous exhibitors from Germany and almost all neighboring countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, suppliers from Great Britain, Italy and Sweden as well as Hungary also present themselves – a total share of 16 percent abroad.


Experience the whole world of model making in five exhibition halls


Visitors can experience model making in the truest sense of the word at Messe Dortmund, because numerous participatory actions, demonstrations and action shows await at INTERMODELLBAU in all conceivable areas. In a total of five halls, all exhibited models and program highlights of international exhibitors get the right space to unfold their full effect.


With a view of dreamy forest scenery, epic mountain panoramas and postcard-ready railway lines, the holiday feeling in Halls 4 and 7 is within reach. Because here visitors meet the coveted model railway show facilities. There are over 30 of them to be seen this year. And twelve of them will be exhibited for the first time at a trade fair in Germany. Thus, visitors can start an adventurous journey through the “Fantasia Zoo” of the Steenbergen family from the “De Light Zoo” station or go back in time to 1968 at the “Stolberger Spitzkehre” facility (model railway club SPIJKSPOOR). Also an eye-catcher, matching the INTERMODELLBAU winter edition, the dreamy winter landscape of Ansgar Meyring from the DoWi model railway team. Advent mood is already emerging with Christmas market, music band and market stalls. And of course, an industrial plant like Gerd Otto’s, which reflects the Ruhr area with blast furnaces, steel mills and converters, must not be missing in the Ruhr area city of Dortmund like hardly any other. If you literally want to get shining eyes, you can’t help but stop by the fair modelers in Hall 4.


Hall 5 of Messe Dortmund is also not safe from the model makers, because self-made ships and boats, sailing models and other models from model sports can easily withstand even the floods of the miniature sea. The demonstrations in the miniature pool are therefore also legendary at every fair. Always a highlight are the “European Offshore Scale Models” from Germany and the Netherlands. They show their latest models and a wind farm installation platform. As always with many incredible functions. High-speed models can be inspected at the booth of nauticus e.V. and at the SMC Oberhausen there are lighthouses in all possible variations. Heinz-Peter Weiss’s 1:1250 scale models, which his wife presents at the fair, can hardly be surpassed in miniature.


Flight model makers go high in the air when a zeppelin from the German Model Aircraft Association (DMFV) suddenly flies over the heads of visitors in Hall 5. In addition, the DMFV brings around 30 flight models to INTERMODELLBAU. The spectacular replicas also find their place in Hall 5.


At the DAeC/ MFSD stand (German Aero Club and Model Flight Sports Association Germany), the topic of drone flying gets a platform. Drone balls (drones in a plastic ball) are demonstrated in flight and controlled by various goals. There are national and international competitions for the drone balls, such as football, only in the air. The goal is to fly the drone ball through the opponent’s goal in due course, which the opponent tries to prevent with his own drone balls. At the fair, every visitor can try out how such a drone ball can be flying. Nothing can happen in teacher-student mode. In addition, the drone balls are harmless due to their design and easy to use for all ages. A leisure fun and an ambitious hobby for everyone.


Trucks, military and commercial vehicles in Halls 6 and 8 in turn show the resilience of the models and the delicate technology in the detailed replicas of the great role models. For example, the mini truck club Recklinghausen dredging, digging up, pouring up and leveling on its large display area. Remote-controlled construction machinery and trucks not only show the skills of their builders, but also ensure lively operation on the show surface. Thus, the audience magnet conjures up a smile again this year – and sometimes also an amazement – on the faces of young and old.


The RC cars from the German Minicar Club (DMC) also make Hall 8 unsafe. For the 50th anniversary, the stand is celebrated with an exhibition of RC Cars and a hands-on area where visitors can plunge themselves into daring races. Cardboard model making is also at home in Hall 8. From entry-level to high-end models: Around 30 cardboard model makers show interested visitors what works of art can be created with cardboard and paper.


Gift ideas and new products: Dracula’s castle, Unimogs and surprise locomotive Schorsch


Almost all large model making manufacturers and a lot of small series manufacturers as well as publishers and dealers meet at INTERMODELLBAU 2021. Visitors will find everything about model making at the fair: from model kits, finished models, tools and accessories to inspiring systems for the next domestic project.


Exhibitors such as Märklin, Viessmann, Noch, Herpa and Faller can’t wait for the doors of INTERMODELLBAU to reopen and they to present their novelties to the audience and finally exchange ideas with the community again. Thus, the “Schorsch” can be acquired at the Märklin stand – a unique piece of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Being fast is worthwhile, because the model is only available in limited quantities on site. The same applies to this year’s INTERMODELLBAU special car with local reference to the region, which was manufactured especially for the fair. It will be scary at Faller’s stand, because the manufacturer has its limited anniversary model for the 75th Anniversary with you in your luggage. A in the 14th century in the municipality of Bran in Transylvania, Romania as a fortification and later converted into a royal residence – known as the residence of Dracula. Also a feast for the eyes at this year’s fair is the special exhibition of the model building manufacturer ScaleArt for the 75th time. UNIMOG anniversary. In addition to the Unimog with fixed platform structure presented last October, there is a three-way tipper, the agricultural variant and a completely “crazy” 6×6 Unimog, which almost takes your breath away.


Program for model makers of the future


Numerous associations and exhibitors have not let themselves be taken away from taking even the little miniature fans on a journey around the world and through all model building topics. Little captains can at the booth of nauticus e.V. (Hall 5) make a paddle steamer and even obtain a captain’s license. For the train drivers of the future, there are action areas for children and young people at the booth of the Model Railway Association in Germany (MOBA) and at the Federal Association of German Railway Friends (BDEF), where they can learn many interesting basics of model railway construction. In order to arouse interest among future model railroaders, the BDEF has specifically founded Junior College Europa (Hall 7), which will be on site. A trip with the Dampffreunde NRW on a real miniature steam train should not be missing during a visit to INTERMODELLBAU. Even the big ones don’t have to worry, because the steam train moves effortlessly and comfortably even adults through Hall 8.


Becoming a pilot doesn’t have to be a dream. For the first time at INTERMODELLBAU, the German Model Aircraft Association presents the DMFV Junior Academy in Hall 5. Well-trained teamers will provide young participants with basic knowledge of aviation in general, aerodynamics and model flight in particular. Despite all theory, however, the practical part will not be neglected and the children can gain important insights for the final flight competition about building and flying in a throwing glider. The workshops take place twice on each day of the fair and each last approx. 90 minutes. Two model flight simulators from IKARUS, which the DMFV has set up in its area of action, ensure short rest breaks. And at the booth of the German Minicar Club in Hall 8, school classes can assemble an RC car under expert guidance and children and young people (10 – 18 years) have the opportunity to participate in a race themselves as drivers at the Race off Champions. Places 1 to 3 will receive a cup and the winner even an RC car.


It is precisely these actions and opportunities that make up the trade fair experience in Dortmund, which visitors and exhibitors have been missing in the last two and a half years. Therefore, the anticipation is great on all sides – both among future and today’s hobby model makers and professionals.






Due to an increased traffic volume during the trade fair period, it is recommended to enter the destination address “Maurice-Vast-Straße” in the navigation device. From the destination address, visitors are redirected to the corresponding parking spaces via signposting in the vicinity. Admission runs through the north entrance of Messe Dortmund.


The protection and hygiene concept at a glance


A protection and hygiene concept has been developed so that everyone can look forward to an unforgettable event. This year’s event will be carried out according to the 3G model. All information can be found on intermodellbau.de/hygiene-konzept


New trade fair web app


Exhibitor and product directories, hall plans, search function and much more awaits all users of the WebApp: webapp.intermodellbau.de.


Further information


Updates on the exhibitors, the program and the highlights of the INTERMODELLBAU winter edition can be found on the trade fair channels Instagram, Facebook as well as the trade fair website and via newsletter.






The world’s largest trade fair for model making and model sports opens the doors once a year to all those who want to experience the world in a scale miniature. A huge selection of exhibitors, models, systems and products from all over the world inspires experienced model makers such as newcomers and families. Whether aviation, railway, ship, car, functional or cardboard model making – there is something for everyone here. Visitors can also experience model making in the truest sense of the word at Messe Dortmund, because numerous hands-on actions, demonstrations and action shows await at INTERMODELLBAU.


DATE: 17TH – 20TH November 2021 // 9:00 am – 6 pm


ORGANIZER: Messe Dortmund GmbH




  • German Minicar Club e.V. (DMC)
  • German Model Flyer Association e.V. (DMFV)
  • Interest Group Model Railway Exhibitions (IGEMA)
  • Model railway association in Germany e.V. (MOBA)
  • nauticus e.V. – German umbrella organization for ship model making and ship model sports e. V.


  • Experienced model makers as well as newcomers and families


  • Halls 4 to 8


  • Around 325 exhibitors from 13 countries



Railway model making


  • More than 30 show facilities (halls 4, 7)
  • Expert Forum Model Railway (Hall 4)
  • Junior College Europe (JCE /BDEF) (Hall 7)
  • Ride on the mini steam locomotive (Hall 8)
  • Ship model making (Hall 5)


  • Demonstration of model ships on the over 500 sqm water basin
  • Captain’s license for children (nauticus e.V.)
  • Crafting mini paddle steamers
  • Exhibition High-Speed Models (nauticus e.V.)
  • Lighthouse exhibition (SMC Oberhausen)
  • Artworks Marine Painter Olaf Rahardt
  • Vehicle model making


  • DMC Race off Champions – Race for teenagers (Hall 8)
  • Participation route of the DMC (Hall 8)
  • Snow groomer course (Hall 6)
  • Truck model and off-road course (hall 6, 8)
  • Military model course (Hall 8)
  • Flight model making


  • DMFV Junior Academy (Hall 5)
  • Special exhibition with around 30 aircraft models (Hall 5)
  • Flying DMFV Zeppelin (Hall 5)
  • Flight simulator (Hall 5)
  • Drone Balls (Hall 6, DAEC/MFSD)
  • Further highlights


  • Paper model making incl. Workshops (Hall 8)
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Models (Halls 7 & 8)
  • Fire brigade models and equipment (halls 6)
  • Police models and facilities (halls 6 & 8)
  • Funfair facilities (Hall 4)


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