Innovation forms an integral part of the DNA of SITEVI. At this 2021 event, SITEVI will bring together in the “Start-up Village” a large number of young businesses committed to supporting the vine/wine, olive and fruit/vegetable industries as they undergo a digital revolution.  This space, a forum for communication and introductions, will enable these start-ups to establish a network of professional and strategic contacts, helping them to deploy their project in France and internationally.


New in 2021: this year, the Start-up Village has partnered with Ferme Digitale and Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation (competitive hub for the Occitanie region).






3D Aerospace is a young business based in Europe (France), specialising in connected GNSS receivers, big data and High Definition 3D cards.

Through its “DeVines” brand, 3D Aerospace markets services for precision viticulture including:

High Definition digital map of the vineyard indicating the number of missing or dead vines.

Measurement of the wine yield by automatically counting the number of bunches visible per vine plant.

Detection of intra-plot variability through the use of ripening, yield and leaf density indicators.

Management tool for wine-making activities


Aptimiz is the first solution allowing for automatic measurement of the total man and machine hours on winemaking or tree-growing estates. The solution, which does not require any manual input, is based on a smart phone application or a sensor which automatically determines the activity undertaken by a producer and measures the time spent on it. No action needs to be taken by the user, everything happens on its own: start-up, activity detection, recording of time spent and travel time. The distinguishing feature of Aptimiz is its ease of use and the comprehensive measurement of time both on plots and in buildings. Using the Aptitrack function, the smart phone detects what machine a farmer is working on and what tools are being used.

This highly accessible system can be applied to a large number of people and equipment items (harvesting machines, tools for working the soil, maintenance machine, etc.).

Using an analysis interface which includes various customisable dashboards, the user can precisely monitor its labour and mechanisation charges, as well as various technical indicators on working time. This data will enable the user to improve its organisation and hourly profit margins in accordance with the farm’s objectives.


Azuvia is a French start-up which develops biological water-processing technologies. Its solutions are based on three major technological principles, namely:

Phytoremediation (removal of contaminants using plants and micro-organisms)

Hydroponics: growing plants without soil and vertically

A controlled environment: a greenhouse enabling the monitoring of all operating parameters.

In 2021, Azuvia started marketing its range of ecological treatment systems for industrial and agricultural effluents (SETEIA, Systèmes Écologiques de Traitements des effluents Industriels et Agricoles). SETEIA processes the effluent originating from wine production ecologically, which allows the water, once treated, to be released into the natural environment  and to be used in an irrigation system. Through this range, Azuvia also seeks to adhere closely to the industry’s core values by developing aesthetic technologies which perfectly blend into the landscape of winemaking estates.


Cap 2020 offers two information-providing services to support the assessment and management of agro-climatic and pest-related risks:

metlS®, a service involving the provision of agro-climatic data (generated by virtual weather stations and/or measured by connected metIS data loggers) and agronomic expertise to anticipate or analyse the risks to crops and the outcome of growing operations,

Connected CapTrap® traps to monitor crop-ravaging insects in real time.

The Elzeard application aims to be the new digital assistant for market gardeners, and, in the future, for tree growers. The aim of this all-in-one web and smart phone application is to facilitate everyday operations and save time. Dedicated to market garden growing, Elzeard offers services at all stages of the production cycle, from planning to crop monitoring and activity coordination through to stock-taking and product delivery.

Elzeard can adapt to any production setting by virtue of its customisation capabilities, notably due to the integration and customisation of ITKs (technical itineraries for crop-growing) enabling it to adapt to your practices. Flexible and accessible, Elzeard has been designed to be integrated with digital services and e-commerce or logistics platforms.


MiiMOSA is the leading financing platform in Europe in the agricultural and food sector. Through two financing products, rewards-based crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending, we have already helped 4,500 farmers, producers and entrepreneurs to bring their projects to fruition.


A leading player in precision agriculture, MyEasyFarm is the ultimate tool to manage your farm from your fingertips and monitor the activities of your business in real time. Easy to use and secure, MyEasyFarm centralises all your agricultural data and activities. This makes it very simple to mark out your plots, plan your daily work, allocate your equipment and staff to each task and analyse the results of your harvest. The digital platform can very simply aggregate the various intra-plot data sources. Direct connection with agricultural equipment is one of its assets. No more need for a USB stick! Everything is done with one click, whether it is sending modulator cards to the tractor consoles or recording the work done!

In summary, farmers are able to apply the right quantity of inputs in the right place at the right time, in order to increase their yields while protecting the environment.

Furthermore, being interoperable, it adapts to all existing software and all tractor consoles, thus saving time on data input. MyEasyFarm has launched MyEasyCarbon to better support farmers in their daily tasks while taking environmental issues into consideration. In connection with the future Label Bas Carbone Grandes Cultures (low carbon label for field crops) method, the aim of this tool is to survey the farm and define an action plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions and create carbon offsets over several years.

Scanopy offers simple solutions that can be implemented on any type of vineyard to manage and homogenise vigour, count non-productive vines, detect disease symptoms and monitor the maturity of plots. Scanopy focusses on tangible issues relating to the vine cultivation trade and creates, alongside its wine-growing partners and technical institutes, simple and pragmatic solutions using the latest innovations. Its goal is to design technology that is useful and accessible, and to support modern, sustainable viticulture. The company builds sensors, data models and platforms for end users, and provides wine growers with new tools to optimise production and reduce their environmental footprint. Passionate about technology but also about viticulture and wine making, Scanopy’s team offers end-to-end services: data collection and processing, on-line analysis and planning tools, and mobile applications for the land.


About Comexposium

Comexposium is one of the world leaders in the organisation of professional and consumer events, arranging over 132 B2B and B2C events worldwide covering numerous business sectors, including agrifood, agriculture, trade and distribution, e-commerce, fashion, security, digital, construction high-tech, optics, education, health and transport. Present in over 30 countries, Comexposium welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors annually. Headquartered in France, Comexposium has 880 employees, working in 17 countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Sweden. Comexposium positions itself as an originator of exchanges and meetings between individuals and business.




AXEMA is the French association of industrial stakeholders in the agricultural equipment and agri-environmental industry. It brings together French manufacturers and importers of agricultural equipment from the various agricultural production sectors, both arable and livestock, and producers and importers of equipment used to maintain green spaces. AXEMA includes 240 companies, of which 69% are manufacturers and 31% are importers.




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