pro.vention Special of Messe Erfurt GmbH came to a successful end – 65 participants experienced exciting lectures and discussions – Tenor: Living with Corona must be possible



Photo: Messe Erfurt GmbH


At the premiere of the new format of the trade fair and conference on infection protection, pro.vention Special, Messe Erfurt GmbH on the 11th. November 2021 was about reducing the viral load in educational and public institutions. Schools in particular are currently again a driver of the infection process. Lectures shed light on how this happens and – more importantly – how this can be avoided.


In addition, the conference offered the 65 participants specialist lectures, best practice examples, a panel discussion and an accompanying exhibition. Patron of the event was Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow. In his greeting, he pointed out that it must now be a matter of establishing necessary capacities for existential infection protection products in Germany. The Free State already has many gratifying questions about this.


One of the highlights of the conference was the keynote by Dr. Gerhard Scheuch, probably the best-known aerosol researcher in Germany and Europe, who has also been advising the Robert Koch Institute since 2020.


Scheuch made it clear that the most important infection prevention measures are those that reduce the viral load in the air. This includes ventilation of the rooms, but also technical facilities such as stationary filters in room ventilation systems or mobile ventilation units. If this were complied with, the risk of infection could be reduced by up to 90%. However, he also pleaded that all measures in buildings should be combined with each other – including the much less effective face masks and of course the social distancing rules. The room size is also decisive. The larger and higher a room, the lower the risk of infection.


Robert Hild, Managing Director of the General Ventilation Technology Association in the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA), with 290 members the leading German Association for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Technology and Air Pollution Control and partner of pro.vention, explained that the pandemic has generally brought the topic of air quality into the focus of the debate. The aim is currently to equip public buildings with suitable technology. But this must continue even after the pandemic. Because clean air at school and at work drastically lowers sick leave and thus ensures more health.


The two parallel panels of the pro.vention Special were on the one hand about researching better devices for air pollution control, for example with UV light or electrostatic instead of the common HEPA filters, as well as practical solutions and their funding opportunities, which exist both at federal and state level.


The final panel discussion brought together Helmut Holter, Thuringian Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Tim Reukauf, Thuringian Teachers’ Association and “Young tlv” as well as Claudia Koch from the State Parents’ Representation, who worked with the ventilation specialist Robert Hild and Dr. Gerhard Scheuch discussed this problem partly controversially. The minister took the arguments put forward seriously and promised to work for the inclusion of the demonstrably effective technical anti-corona measures in the school building regulations of the Free State.


The next pro.vention trade fair & conference is expected to take place in the 3rd Quarter 2022. It will be at the end of the planned special conference series and bring together the actors of the individual special events.


Patronage: Bodo Ramelow, Prime Minister of the Free State of Thuringia








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