【FR】The 25th edition of ST-ART will be held from November 26 to 28, 2021, Opening on November 25 , in Strasbourg

ST-ART will celebrate its 25th anniversary from November 26 to 28, 2021, in Strasbourg, a city of culture, gastronomy and architecture.



Photo: st-art.com



In November 2021 ST-ART will receive its audience and exhibitors in a scenography at the service of works and artists.


As in previous years, the fair will also present a “photograph” of the support and involvement of public authorities in contemporary creation through exhibitions designed by the Grand Est Region and the city of Strasbourg.


In November 2021, ST-ART will interview with the Exhibition “FUTUREA The artist questions the world” Guest artists: Vaughn Bell, Jérémy Gobé, Ha Cha Youn, Clay Apenouvon, Luc Lapraye Curator: Patricia Houg, artistic director.


Until this date we will strengthen the digital communication of the event in order to allow ST-ART gallery owners already committed to benefit from maximum visibility and that visitors, collectors and art professionals continue their connections with artistic proposals.




If 2021 is a special year for ST-ART, its 25th edition, in this unprecedented context, is more than ever a platform for the dissemination of visual artists.


Isolated from the Other, Sharing, Encountering, confronted with our Ephemority, who better than the arts, artists and gallery owners to reunite us again. Contemporary creation is essential, it too will be a historical witness to our contemporaneity.


Hardly affected by the impossibility of presenting the work of the artists they defend, gallery owners, whose structures have little or no access to state aid, still demonstrate their commitment, their passion, against all odds, to allow artists to be seen by as many people as possible and for our greatest pleasure.


Galeriste, a profession that suffers multiple very harsh and wrongly unfavorable clichés, this due to the lack of public knowledge of the real functions and roles of this particular profession. Indeed, the gallery owner is a discoverer, producer, support, broadcaster, and often patron because if he is convinced by his choices and the relevance of collaborations with such and such and such young artists, it takes him many years of support and investment to bring out a new talent.


When it was created in 1995 and in the “Province”, the relevance and longevity of a fair outside Paris seemed to many an improbable or impossible bet. Driven by the same passion as gallery owners, ST-ART has been able, despite the a priori, to anchor itself in the calendar of appointments for contemporary art.


Especially this year, we are pleased to continue our project and commitment to contemporary creation and art galleries.


©Bartosch Salmanski (www.128db.fr)





Located a few steps from the headquarters of the European Parliament, the contemporary art fair is expressed in a rich cultural territory composed of the HEAR (Haute École des Arts du Rhin), FRAC (located in Sélestat) and the Apollonia European art center that radiate in the heart of Europe.


ST-ART offers the public the opportunity to explore new artistic fields and make discoveries.


The art critic, invited every year, gives color to the fair by making a choice of artists in a professional and didactic way.





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