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No trace of November sadness: Colorful program, best atmosphere and relaxed participants at the Stuttgart Trade FairAutumn 2021

After four days, Germany’s largest temporary mall closed its doors on Sunday evening. At Stuttgart MesseHerbst, nine different trade fairs with a total of around 1000 exhibitors presented a wide range of topics with countless hands-on and information offers. 54,000 visitors moved to the exhibition halls to find out about the latest trends, shop to their heart’s content or to cheer for exciting shows and competitions. Audiences, exhibitors and organizers were equally satisfied with the course of this year’s MesseHerbst edition, the first visitor event at Messe Stuttgart since March 2020. We are proud of the autumn 2021 fair. The circumstances around Covid-19 were anything but simple. However, thanks to the trusting cooperation with our exhibitors and partners, we have succeeded in carrying out MesseHerbst. A big compliment goes to the visitors who have consistently adhered to the corona rules,” sums up Roland Bleinroth, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart. We have shown that we can safely hold public fairs even in pandemic times. Our safety and hygiene concept has proven itself.”



Photo: Messe Stuttgart



Booster vaccination well received

As a special “canbon”, the #dranbleibenBW campaign offered the country the opportunity to be “boosted” on site. The mobile vaccination center was more than well utilized. “Many visitors and exhibitors took advantage of the offer to have their own corona vaccination protection refreshed,” said Guido von Vacano, Member of the Management Board of Messe Stuttgart. We are pleased that we were able to make at least a small contribution to the fight against the pandemic. For some, the possibility of a booster vaccination even gave the last impetus to visit the fair, for example for 32-year-old Lisa from Neckartenzlingen: “Tree days ago, I learned about the booster offer in a WhatsApp group and spontaneously decided to have my corona vaccination protection refreshed at MesseHerbst. That was a great offer, especially since it is now difficult to get an appointment elsewhere.”


Games fair

Under controlled 2G conditions, visitors expected a huge range of shopping, hands-on and information offers. It started on Thursday, 18. November, with the first four trade fairs. Autumn boredom had no chance at the games fair: On the big game island, there was eager play, demand and talk shop. Game professionals from Gamepoint Bietigheim patiently explained the rules of classics and novelties and gave many useful tips. A must for all small and large LEGO® fans was a visit to the gallery, where the Schwabenstein 2×4 e.V. association played a total of 5000 square meters of show space. A special eye-catcher was the 120-meter-long railway system, which amazed with many own creations and made all hearts beat faster. The theme park “Lust auf Technik”, supported by the Heilbronn Sience Center experimenta, which was intended to playfully introduce children and young people to STEM professions, was also very popular. In the special area of model and technology, on the other hand, technology enthusiasts, model makers and hobby railway workers got their money’s worth. Well attended here was the 16th. European N-Scale Convention of the N-Club International, which took place for the first time this year as part of the games fair. Their exhibitors were pleased about the long-missed, direct customer contact: “A trade fair is one of the few opportunities for us to talk to our customers personally,” said Erik Amels, authorized signatory at Hubelino. People were open-minded, liked to try our products. Everyone adhered to the hygiene rules and there was a positive basic mood. The sale far exceeded our expectations.”



The focus of the “do-it-yourself fair” Kreativ was on the extensive workshop and consulting program, which was very well received by all visitors. From handicrafts to art and painting to cake decoration, there was a lot to learn and marvel at. With an extensive range of goods and materials, the special theme pearls thrilled everyone who likes to make jewelry or decorative items themselves. Kreativ was also relaxed: “People were in a really good mood and happy that the fair took place,” commented Safuri Managing Director Alexandra Funk on the course of the fair. There was quite a lot going on at times, and it was also bought well. I had the impression that some people already made Christmas shopping as a precaution. We are pleased that Messe Stuttgart dared to take this event and are also very satisfied with the organization and hygiene concept. In any case, I felt completely safe at Kreativ. Sales also fit.”


Family & home

As the veteran of the Stuttgart MesseHerbst, the family & home presented everything about the feel-good home: builders and renovators were able to obtain information about efficient and healthy construction from various suppliers of building materials, windows, doors, garage doors and floor coverings and obtain valuable energy saving tips. Furniture and living trends were also very popular. Other focal points were the large kitchen exhibition of DER KREIS and the outdoor theme area with the special show “Campingland Baden-Württemberg”. In many places, it was clearly noticeable that visitors had made new plans for purchases during the so-called “cocooning” in the long corona months: “We had already achieved our target on the second day,” said Peter Stadel, Managing Director/owner of the waterbed oasis. We have been here at the fair for many years, which is beautifully presented and also very interesting for us in sales. The visitors dealt very carefully with the topic of Corona, and the entire trade fair team took care of a smooth process. It was really fun to be here.”



Animal lovers and animal friends were looking forward to the animal, which opened its doors on Friday. In the theme worlds dog, cat and aquarium, there was everything that masters and mistresses need for loving and healthy pet husbandry. As part of the special show Poisonous Animal Husbandry, experts informed about questions about the purchase and keeping of unusual exotics. The pedigree cat exhibition was usually well attended, and the demonstrations in the riding ring also provided many “Ahhs” and “Ohhs”, especially for younger riders and horse fools, for whom the Equestrian Fair Special was a particularly attractive point of contact. In addition, the popular pet fair scored points with further infotainment events, shows and competitions – above all, of course, with the Dog Dancing Nations Cup, which caused real storms of enthusiasm. The organizers of the cup were also enthusiastic: “Our show arrived mega, the spectators were feverish, asked questions about dogs and reviews,” reported Carmen Schmid, Commissioner for Dog Dancing at the Association for the German Dog Industry. At the World Cup qualification, the ring was already full at the first dance. There were crazy many people here, and we are very pleased that we were able to organize all this again despite the pandemic. I am already looking forward to the Euro 2022 here at the Animal in Stuttgart.”


Minerals, fossils, jewelry

Friends of precious stones, rare fossils and individually crafted jewelry visited the minerals, fossils, jewelry. Not only connoisseurs and collectors found what they were looking for there, but also all those who deal professionally or in their free time with the production of jewelry. Workshops were also in great demand here: Under expert guidance, visitors could try their hand at silversmiths or design pearl necklaces. For the first time at a mineral fair, the reigning German Gemstone Queen gave herself the honor and was happy to be available for selfies. Victoria Diaz, Managing Director of EMORO, confirmed that beautiful stones and jewelry are always on the rise: “My mother has often been to this fair with her company, and we will both come back. To build up a customer base, a trade fair as a presentation platform is simply perfect. Especially our high-priced jewelry must be seen before buying. Due to the pandemic, there may have been a little less going on, but I am still satisfied with the audience’s popularity. The sale was also quite fine.”


veggie & free of and yoga world

veggie & frei von, which took place for the sixth time this year, has become the permanent pillar of Stuttgart MesseHerbst. People with histamine, gluten or lactose intolerances, vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers specifically sought direct exchange with producers and traders, informed themselves about the latest nutritional products, gave important feedback and shopped in. The wide range of lectures on the forum stage, charming and knowledgeable moderated by TV chef and author Stina Spiegelberg, was also well received. Visitors and exhibitors praised not only the open-mindedness of the audience, but also the direct proximity to the Yogaworld guest event. Ina Wagner, partner of the Tübingen start-up Inka Pura, summarized: “It went very well! We were able to pioneer our products here. People were interested and wanted to discover something new. The audience of the neighboring Yogaworld also fit well with the topic of nutrition. Despite Corona, the fair was well attended and was really fun!” Further synergy effects were created by the “Fair Pop up” area – a marketplace for fair trade products and eco-fair clothing of young fashion labels of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ).



Sophisticated “foodies” opened up a true temple of enjoyment in the Alfred-Kärcher-Halle (Hall 8), where the guest fair eat&style had a wealth of high-quality products ready. Well-known exhibitors and regional manufacturers invited you to shop and taste, food events encouraged imitation. The atmosphere in the hall and among the exhibitors was “very positive and optimistic”, says Stefanie Fritz, production manager of the organizer FLEET Events GmbH. It was very positive that visitors followed the rules. Despite the circumstances, “real well-being” has therefore arisen.



The DesignFest celebrated a premiere at Stuttgart MesseHerbst. Conceived as a festival for design, creativity and lifestyle, the event took visitors on a journey of discovery for all the senses. In addition to presentations by around 200 brands, trend shows, beauty lounges and creative workshops made the design festival a coherent overall experience – despite the “by far the most difficult conditions for designing and holding a trade fair due to the current situation”, as DesignFest Managing Director Jennifer Reaves emphasized. Nevertheless, the look and feel of the DesignFest concept was tangible and tangible and was positively confirmed by exhibitors and visitors alike.


Ludwigsburg International Street Music Festival

The musical framework of the Stuttgart MesseHerbst was contested by the International Street Music Festival Ludwigsburg, which could not take place in early summer as planned due to the corona restrictions in force at the time – and was therefore made up for at the exhibition center without further ado. Temperamental sounds, rousing rhythms and sensitive songs from different formations accompanied the visitors on their shopping trip across the site and provided autumnal momentum and musical highlights everywhere.


The Stuttgart FairAutumn 2022 will take place from 17th to 20th November.


Exhibitor voices:

Games fair

Sebastian Trouillé, Managing Director, TA Modellbau:

We are glad that the fair took place despite the current corona situation. After the long break, people were literally starved, an increased need had developed. Many novelties could not be presented so far, which were now the focus of visitor interest.”


Robin Gupta, Stand Management, Queen Games:

It felt good to be in direct contact with our customers again and to show what innovations we have in our program. People were curious, and through the parallel events many non-players came to us who were able to inspire us. I think Messe Stuttgart has found a very good solution in terms of hygiene concept. The visitors felt safe, were relaxed. There was a good trade fair atmosphere.”


Jens Bartmann, Managing Director and Owner, Foto Bartmann:

Many people were very much looking forward to our trade fair appearance, and our stand was very well received. The trend is now towards extremely expensive cameras, perhaps also because something was saved elsewhere during the pandemic. We regularly win new regular customers at the games fair because we meet people here who are enthusiastic about hobby photography. It was therefore important that we were able to inform and present ourselves here on site.”


Eva Seibel, Event Management, experimenta:

Our offer was very well received, the workshops were in great demand. Overall, we discover a new quality: A lower density of people leads to more leisure, higher concentration and creativity. You could say class instead of mass, and everyone is very happy with it. The children were able to develop super. We wanted to give us a feel for technology. This takes time, and this was given in all areas.”


Christian Franger, Project Manager, Stuttgart Youth House Society:

After the corona break, we were very curious to see how our trade fair appearance would be accepted, but the children were very eager to get involved. We notice this at many events: There is an increased need for hands-on and free spins offers. Being present here on site was therefore an important step towards normality. We are very satisfied.”


Daniel Schäfers, 1. Chairman, Schwabenstein 2X4 e.V.:

For the first time, we were able to occupy the 5000 square meter area on the gallery in the L-Bank Forum, which was very well received by both children and adult Lego fans. People have a lot of catching up to do, want to be amazed and be kidnapped in fantasy worlds. Special crowd magnets were our 120 meter long railway system and our Minas-Tirith model. The mosaic world record was a hit, the area was always fully occupied!”



Uwe Gersch, Managing Director, Creative Design:

After the long trade fair break, visitors were almost euphoric, shopped actively, got into conversation with each other and inspired each other. In the creative sector, this exchange of beauty is precisely. It was just wonderful to see how in a good mood everyone was. We expect a good total turnover.”


Annika Nürk, stand support, frechverlag:

The creative went really well. We have succeeded in attracting interest in our program here. Our workshop was well received, there was always something going on. Many older visitors who had already knotted macrame in their childhood also liked to try again. The customers were relaxed, compliance with hygiene rules was also no problem.”


Dieter Darius, owner, HS store:

Our motto was: It has to start again. The start of the fair was already very positive, the number of visitors increased at the weekend, and our workshops were well received. We are really happy about the 2G concept, because it enabled customers to visit the fair carefree – and gives hope for a good start overall. During the corona months, we were able to handle a lot via the Internet, but in the long run this is not a solution. We need the direct customer contact of a trade fair.”


Axel Strang, Managing Director, Newstamps:

We are pleased that we were able to give inspiration and take it with us again at Kreativ. Overall, it was nice that trade fair life got going again, as our customers also found, who visited us in large numbers at the stand. The 2G concept worked well. On top of that, I was able to have my corona vaccination refreshed quite unbureaucratically and easily at the fair.”


Ute Schweizer, Managing Director, Nähwelt Schweizer:

People who are interested in our products were pleased to meet us here. Our trade fair offers and workshops were well received. During the pandemic, when people stayed at home and had time, new needs emerged, so that a significant increase in demand was noticeable. Incidentally, the same applies to the trend towards sustainability, because we received numerous repair requests.”


Claudia Thöne, Managing Director, Thöne Floristik:

Our mission was that it must continue. Our regular customers were very pleased that we were here and bought even more than usual after the long thirsty period, so that we could generate higher sales per customer. I have been here for many years and once again glad that I took part in Kreativ this autumn.”


Family & home

Dennis Ludwig, Managing Director, Ludwig-Grill:

We had a lot of interesting conversations, which were mainly aimed at the post-fair business and were extremely promising. Especially in the field of corporate events, there is currently a relatively strong demand. We were able to build up generously here and show a lot of what was well received by the visitors. Our Big Louis was an insane visitor magnet!”


Hermann Zinßler, Projects/Sales, DER KREIS:

“We were for the 17th Here, because we had decided to show presence even in the current situation. We were visited by customers who wanted to find out more about kitchens, including customers from previous years who brought their friends or relatives. The industry is doing well overall, because people are willing to invest in high-quality cuisine.”


Otto Edinger, owner, Edinger department store:

We tried to present a certain diversity and still set accents. There was undisputed interest, especially in our electric scooters. During the pandemic, people were at home a lot and are now willing to spend money on quality. Due to direct customer contact, trade fairs also offer important input for us and can therefore not be replaced by digital formats.”


Daniel Birkhofer, Managing Director, Apomore/Tütle:

We were really looking forward to going outside again, so the fair was a highlight for us. Our declared goal was: We want to have the most fun per square meter of stand space. And that worked! Visitors were also happy to be at a fair again. We met with great interest in our products here, especially in our clatterless stapler.”


Stefan Lenz, Sales, AOK Baden-Württemberg:

I was positively surprised at how much audience was in the hall. The people were open-minded and friendly, there was a good mood. We focused on advice, but our tablet raffle and our reaction wall for children were also very well received. It was really fun!”


Joachim Prasch, Station Manager, Roadsurfer:

The outdoor special area was optimal as a foretaste for the summer vacation next year! The camping area continues to grow massively, the locations are also developing. In some cases, the need can hardly be met anymore. Accordingly, the mood at the fair was: human grapes formed around our vehicle. A nice success!”



Uwe Wünstel, Director, Reptilium Landau:

We were pleasantly surprised at the influx of visitors. Our forum program was in great demand, and we were also able to have many good conversations with the visitors at the stand. Overall, we were able to present ourselves very well here, that worked out excellently. We have thus definitely achieved, if not exceeded, our trade fair goal.”


Sebastian Speißer, owner, We for the animal:

We were positively surprised by the number of visitors. Many were hungry for this fair – you could tell, because they also shopped in. Above all, novelties were in demand, products to touch, and a look at the Internet is not enough. We really can’t complain and are satisfied with our trade fair appearance.”


Tina Poth, stand support, Pets Nature:

Overall, it went well, we can’t report anything negative. We had surprisingly good popularity for a 2G event. The atmosphere was relaxed, the visitors were in a good mood. Customers who had been waiting for our trade fair appearance and of course many new customers came to our stand. Sales went equally well at the cat and dog stand.”


Brigitte Knauder, owner, Knauder’s Best:

We always like to come to Stuttgart, this is a home game for us. This time we were even here with a larger stand, because we attach great importance to good advice. The animal started surprisingly well. The audience was interested and seemed relaxed, and we were able to answer many individual questions.”


René Lieder, stand care, Mera pet food:

Our trade fair appearance was definitely worth it. Qualified discussions are in the foreground of our strategy, and that worked very, very well. The influx of visitors increased from day one. We are very satisfied and will be here again next time at the Animal, that is beyond question.”


Frank Surauf, Area Manager, Bozita:

“We came to Stuttgart – because of the pandemic – with somewhat mixed expectations, but are quite satisfied in this context. Few customers left our stand without buying anything. We are a well-known brand, so many pet owners visited us specifically, but we were also able to convince new customers. It was interesting that we got a very, very good response for cat food in the dog hall.”


Bernhard Vorholzer, Sales Manager and Authorized Signatory, Bewital Petfood:

It was definitely good that we came here! We wanted to increase our awareness and get in direct contact with our customers in order to better respond to their wishes in the future. That worked out perfectly. The beauty of the relaxed hall planning was that we were able to have higher-quality conversations. In addition, the fair was organized in an exemplary manner.”


Conny Kuhn, owner, Alpaca Dreams:

The trend is towards nature, and alpaca is in great demand at the moment. The wool is particularly valuable, has many positive properties and is also ideal for allergy sufferers, among other things. We got a good response to our offer. Many visitors wanted to find out more and were surprised by the quality of the products. The handle in the wool cannot be replaced online.”

veggie & free of

Meike Bähr, Marketing Manager, Schnitzer:

It’s crazy what was going on here despite Corona! Next time we will come with a larger stand and more staff. Our performance was well received, our patterns for home tasting also went well. We met with great interest in the customer discussions and received a lot of valuable feedback. We have achieved our trade fair goal and are very satisfied.”


Marc Schneider, Managing Director, GluteoStop:

We wanted to create brand awareness and use the fair as an exchange platform. Here we met a high-quality, open and overall very interested audience, which confirmed our work. We had many inquisitive first customers at our stand, also from the parallel trade fairs. In addition, we were able to benefit from the target group-oriented hall layout.”


Maria Kaiser, owner, Kaiser Selection:

We had decided relatively spontaneously to perform at the fair and met here a surprisingly knowledgeable audience that knew their way around and asked many technical questions. We had many in-depth conversations with people who appreciated our products. Especially our award-winning olive oil was sold well. I am very satisfied!”


Ellen Duba, Head of Nutrition Team, German Celiac Society e.V.:

My colleagues and I are satisfied with the influx we received here. The generous hall planning enabled a relaxed trade fair experience. We were visited here by many members, but also by people who eat gluten-free out of a trend. Numerous specific questions came up and we were able to give good advice. Our recipe books were also in good demand. It was good that we were on the veggie & free of.”


Kristin Lebherz, Marketing Manager, Beetgold:

We were amazed at how much was going on at the fair despite Corona! It was a good opportunity to publicize our products, because we met exactly our target group here. Since our range is also available in stores, the trade fair appearance was definitely worth it: Some customers had already seen our products in the supermarket and could now taste them here. We are satisfied with the course of veggie & free of.”


Gisela Schweiker, mobile phone campaign Baden-Württemberg, market of FAIR change:

We received very positive reactions from the visitors, who were happy to be invited to determine their ecological footprint. I was surprised how many people attended the fair, including many families with children. Overall, everything went very relaxed, the concept of a joint stand also brought many synergies. It was particularly good that the parallel events were able to appeal to a colorfully mixed audience.”


mineral fossil jewelry

Walter von Holst, owner, Steinkreis – Minerals and Health:

We are currently seeing an increased influx, especially from a fashion-oriented, very young audience. ‘Magical’ stones are in vogue, but I still see real potential here. We were able to clarify that there are beautiful stones not only on social media, were able to inform and open our eyes to quality. We have already won many regular customers at Mineralien Fossil Schmuck, for whom we are very grateful.”


Petra Uhlig, Managing Director, Gold and Silversmith Michael Uhlig:

“Doing yourself is still in vogue, and people were pleased that they were allowed to lend a hand again in our workshops. We met an interested audience, some of whom already knew us, also through our shop at Tübingen Haaggasse. We will come back to the next mineral fossil jewelry.”


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