【DE】How does the digital generation tick? – Interview with digital enlightener and congress speaker Philipp Riederle

Around 130 speakers, 28 specialist lectures, 19 best practices, four panel discussions and two plenary lectures – these are the figures of the ConSozial Congress from 10th to 11th. November 2021. Anyone who has already been to ConSozial knows what is behind these facts: two days full of inspiration! The congress gives insights into the trends of the social economy, stimulates discourse on social policy developments, shows successful practical examples and provides opportunities for individual further training. So also on the top topic of digital transformation. What awaits visitors in the plenary lecture from digital enlightener, author and management consultant Philipp Riederle, he tells us exclusively in an interview.





Philipp Riederle (*1994): Bestselling author, keynote speaker, consultant on digital generations. // © Andreas Tillmanns / Philipp Riederle


Mr. Riederle, “In view of people – more than ever!” – this is the motto of this year’s ConSozial. In your plenary lecture (11.11., 9:45-10:30 a.m.) to what do you take people in mind, what can the visitors look forward to?


Philipp Riederle: We, the digital generations, grew up on and with the net. This shapes us, as well as change in values and demographic change – we grow up in a completely new reality of life than the generations before us. In this way, we set different expectations of our lives, our environment and especially of the world of work. The current times make it very clear that companies, especially in the social economy, must adapt to the young generations. Only in this way can they effectively counter the shortage of skilled workers!


It is clear how much these and upcoming transformations challenge us all: new technologies, new types of work, new habits, expectations, needs. We can only do this if we come together as humans and are willing to learn from each other. Cross-generational. And that’s exactly what my lecture is about: How do the digital generations tick? How were we shaped by the digital – and the two pandemic years? How can we shape generation-connecting cooperation?


What influence has the corona pandemic had or had on the digital transformation in recent months? What remains of it, what goes – can you take a quick look into the future?


Philipp Riederle: The potential of the digital was clear to us digital generations long before the pandemic. It has always been our natural habitat, we grew up here! We are glad that more and more people have now lost their fears of contact and are increasingly self-evident in the digital world. Many offers are now hybrid, digital-first or even digital-only. This was a major change at first, but it enabled us all to continue many areas of our lives during a global pandemic. And which, as a pleasant side effect, has not only made access to these offers more efficient, but also more inclusive. It is to be hoped that we will not turn back the clocks here again – but will maintain and further expand our newly learned skills, habits and offers.


At the same time, however, the past two years have also given us some radical insights. How late we were with digitization, how challenging such a digital transformation can be and in particular, which areas of life we can never – or want to digitize. Despite all video conferences, virtual coffee rounds or gaming sessions, we young generations in particular have longed for a real, interpersonal gathering, perhaps more than ever before. Now making the most of these findings, maintaining the digital pace, taking all parts of society with you – this remains one of the great intergenerational tasks. We are ready! And you?


Mr. Riederle, “How we work and what we demand: The digital generation is revolutionizing the professional world” is your current publication. In your opinion, what are the three most important points that should be fulfilled in order to inspire digital natives to get a job in the social sector?


Philipp Riederle: While on average “money”, “status”, “power” were still clearly regarded as the top 3 motivations for choosing a career for our parent generation, the situation is very different for our digital generations. “Sense”, “self-realization” and an “attractive working environment” are at the top of our value scale. We come to you with non-linear CVs, high expectations and a huge desire to work on a better world. Yes, maybe we are also a little megalomaniac. But we want to contribute something meaningful! Preferably together with you.


How this paradigm shift of our digital generation comes about, how it can be explained by our (digital) socialization, and what companies can do concretely – that’s what my lecture at ConSozial is about.


Don’t miss: KITA Congress of ConSozial


In addition to the ConSozial Congress, the also two-day KITA Congress is another trade fair highlight. The congress is dedicated to current issues of early childhood education and upbringing in three specials, ten impulse lectures and twelve workshops. For example, Prof. Dr. Susanne Viernickel in her impulse lecture with the quality question in KITAs (10.11., 11:30-12:15), while in the lecture “Politics meets Practice: The Good Kita Law: Well-intentioned or Well done?” (11.11., 3:30-16:30) the three experts Prof. Dr. Roswitha Sommer-Himmel, Claudia Fligge-Hoffjann and Annett Nkaira-Heß deal with the goals and experiences of the “Good Kita Law”.


An overview of all lectures of the two congresses can be found online at: consozial.de/kongresse


Carolina Trautner, Bavarian Minister of State for Family, Labour and Social Affairs, also talks in advance with speakers of the ConSocial and Kita Congress in entertaining video interviews. The exciting digital outlook can also be found online at: consozial.de/videos


Hygiene concept enables personal networking


A sustainable hygiene concept enables a safe visit to the ConSozial trade fair, which this year under the patronage of Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder stands. Concrete protection measures include regular air exchange and a state-of-the-art ventilation concept, distance preservation through area and capacity management, mask requirement indoors, hygiene precautions on site, digital registration and access systems and thus the possibility of contact tracking. Another essential cornerstone is the 3G concept, which provides for access only for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons. Current information on the hygiene concept and protective measures at: consozial.de/schutzmassnahmen


About ConSozial


The ConSozial is the leading congress fair for specialists and executives in social policy, the social economy and social services in the German-speaking area. Every year, thousands of trade visitors at the exhibition center in Nuremberg inform themselves about the latest developments and trends in the social sector on two days. In parallel, the KITA Congress takes place, which addresses specialists and managers of daycare centers. The ConSozial is organized by the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs. Partners are the Rummelsberger Diakonie, Caritas Bayern and NürnbergMesse.




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