You should know the three aspects of booth design and construction

How to design and build the booth? This is what many people want to know. Enterprises or individuals participating in the exhibition must be familiar with the exhibition construction process in order to improve the efficiency and effect of exhibition construction. Next, Xiaobian will tell you three things you need to know about exhibition construction.

1、 Exhibition hall design stage

We should design booth drawings, models, rendering drawings, send them to customers, customer feedback, etc. according to customers’ requirements. After confirming the booth design drawing with the customer, the formal design and construction can be started.

1. Provide customer related information
After setting the booth draft, ask the supplier about the cost price and make a clear and detailed quotation.

2. Transfer the customer’s relevant requirements to the designer
To form a unified layout, the booth design and construction department must make a detailed design list according to the customer’s design requirements and the customer’s possible demand mode, and convey it to the person in charge of the design department in the project contact.

2、 Display enterprise information

Many clerks need to communicate by telephone or visit customers to obtain relevant materials for participating in customer exhibitions, clarify the delivery date of design drawings and sign contracts.

3、 Exhibition hall construction stage

Our on-site exhibition hall should be built, added and changed items should be handled well. At the same time, we should cooperate with the customer’s position of exhibits and customer acceptance.

1. Backplane Design: the backplane design should show a bright and active style and temperament, and choose bright colors.
2. Decorations on the display platform: water purifiers shall also be set on the display platform for pedestrians to drink, and chairs shall be set for pedestrians to rest.
3. Design and construction of booth: make 3D renderings of the exhibition hall, including decoration of the exhibition hall, layout of exhibits, placement of various furniture, layout of exhibits,

lighting equipment, advertising light box materials, electronic imaging equipment, computers, etc.
Well, today I’ll introduce all the contents about how to design and build the booth. If you are interested, you can learn more about it.

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