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Nowadays, in this era of rapid development of high technology, no matter which industry, many scientific and technological elements are integrated, especially in the exhibition industry. Shanghai exhibition company has rich experience in exhibition, so let’s share with you the best manifestations of digital exhibition and see what advanced equipment can be seen in digital exhibition?exhibition cleaning

1、 Magic eBook

Almost everyone has read e-books, but not everyone should have read magic e-books. Shanghai exhibition company has seen magic e-books in digital exhibitions, that is, there is an open virtual book on the desktop. When visitors turn the book by hand, they can be very surprised to find that the virtual book can turn the pages, and the pictures on each page are lifelike, which is definitely the best display of virtual technology.

2、 Multi touch

Multi touch is also a very magical and interesting technology show that visitors can see. Multi touch is a touch screen that can complete multi person interactive operation. With the help of various operation gestures, visitors can trigger the screen and extract the information they need on the whole screen, which is very interesting.

3、 Knowledge Q&A

In the past, if visitors had questions, they must ask the staff to answer them while operating, but there are knowledge questions and answers in the digital exhibition. That is, in front of the equipment, Knowledge Q & A can be realized in the form of human-computer interaction. On the one hand, it can stimulate the participation consciousness of visitors, on the other hand, it can enable visitors to consolidate their knowledge in self entertainment, make the whole activity lively and interesting, and the atmosphere is particularly lively.

To sum up, magic e-books, multi touch and Knowledge Q & A are all good things that can be seen in the digital era of exhibition. These things introduced by Shanghai Exhibition Company are definitely the first display of scientific and technological achievements. I hope you can experience these achievements when you have the opportunity.

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