Check the basic types and functions of exhibition design form elements!

In the process of exhibition design, the role of form must not be ignored. If the overall form can be designed very well, the final effect of the whole exhibition will be satisfactory. Form is one of the visual elements of exhibition design, in which form can be divided into many types. Let’s take a specific look at what types of forms can be divided into and how to use them.

1、 Point

Many people may think that point is a very small part. In fact, point is the basic unit of all forms. It is not only particularly free, but also extremely flexible. In the process of exhibition design, we must not ignore the role of points. If all points are condensed together, it will form a very strong visual tension and echo with the exhibits.

2、 Line

Lines are composed of points. In the process of exhibition design, if you can properly use some lines, whether straight lines or curves, you can achieve very good results. If a straight line is used, it can give people a very direct and firm feeling. If a curve is used, it can give people a very smooth feeling, and the audience will feel very satisfied when they visit.

3、 Face

The face is formed on the basis of online movement. In the process of exhibition design, both plane modeling and surface modeling are inseparable from the help of surface. The comprehensive application of various geometric shapes can make the whole space more harmonious and convey a very good visual effect. Generally speaking, it is very good.

In the process of exhibition design form elements, we must pay attention to the use of various forms, whether it is the use point, line, or surface. The main purpose is to make the whole space look more harmonious and achieve better results. But don’t pile all three together because the points, lines and surfaces are very easy to use, regardless of the effect.

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