Large exhibition construction company: quickly teach you to classify exhibition translation

Although exhibitors are very familiar with the exhibition, some exhibitors may not know that the exhibition is just a general term. They still have to make a very detailed classification when participating, so that they can find their target customers. The experience of large-scale exhibition construction companies in exhibition can be said to be quite rich, so the large-scale exhibition construction companies will do a popular science for you and tell you how to classify exhibition translation?

1. Divided from exhibition content

If it is divided from the content of the exhibition, it can be divided into comprehensive exhibition and professional exhibition. The comprehensive exhibition covers as much content as its name, and involves a very wide range of projects, which can involve all aspects of our life. Among them, the World Expo is a very typical comprehensive exhibition.
In addition, if it is a professional exhibition, the exhibition is still highly professional. Businessmen engaged in a certain industry need to participate in it, and other types of people are not allowed to join.

2. Divided by the nature of the exhibition

If the exhibition is divided according to the nature of the exhibition, the exhibition can be divided into trade exhibition and non trade exhibition. If it is a trade exhibition, exhibitors and visitors need to be businessmen who can trade with each other and make profits at the same time.
The duration of such exhibitions is generally short, about 3 ~ 5 days. If it is a non trade exhibition, the visitors may not be businessmen, but may be simple visitors.

3. From time division

If the time is divided, the exhibition can be divided into long-term exhibition and short-term exhibition. The long-term exhibition generally takes about three months to half a year. If the scale of the exhibition is relatively large, it may take longer.

If it is a short-term exhibition, it is generally about three days. It may be a little longer, about half a month, but it will not be longer.
The above is the specific distinction of exhibition types. Large exhibition construction companies still have rich experience in this field. If you need builders when participating in the exhibition, you can refer to large exhibition construction companies.

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