How to find part-time jobs for college students?

Hello, everyone. Today I’d like to share with you how to find a part-time job at the college students’ exhibition?
Students studying in German universities often hear other local exhibitions. For example, Dusseldorf’s students have more or less heard of the exhibition, and students in other places must remember the style of the exhibition, not to mention students who have personally experienced such an important and prosperous era as the Olympic Games. Exhibition is a place where you can learn a lot, but the pain is also unknown.

1. Volunteers.

Generally speaking, there are some super large international exhibitions. They will officially recruit some volunteers. Why do they choose volunteers instead of part-time? Because the names of these exhibitions have sounded, it is very meaningful to become officially recognized volunteers. In addition, you can learn new things through this exhibition, such as reception etiquette, a deep understanding of international trade and communication skills with foreign friends. This is a good place to increase knowledge and experience and broaden your horizons. The choice of volunteers is also one in a million, very strict. Before screening, not only the knowledge and appearance must be comparable, but also a lot of training is required. Students interested in this field can register by visiting the corresponding official website.

2. Part time job for exhibitors.

Usually, foreign trade companies have greater demand. They need professional foreign language talents and relevant international trade experts to help exhibitors deal with overseas customers. There are also some part-time escorts who need to help exhibitors land in the exhibition city, visit the corresponding market and track relevant orders. This part-time job requires students’ comprehensive ability. They should not only be customer-centered, but also have their own solutions in case of difficulties. The salary of this part-time job is not low, but the workload is large and complex, which exercises the students’ ability in all aspects. Such part-time jobs usually involve a large number of part-time jobs employed by exhibitors to hold placards, distribute leaflets and collect business cards in exchange for small gifts and other carpet like publicity. Low technical content, in addition to basic skill training, it is basically not suitable for exercise. The salary is average. You work outdoors. Students who want to learn are not recommended.

3. Promote part-time jobs.

Such part-time jobs usually involve a large number of part-time jobs employed by exhibitors, such as raising signs, sending leaflets, collecting business cards for small gifts and other carpet publicity. The technical content is low, and you can’t get any exercise except basic script training. The salary is average, and working outdoors is not recommended for students who want to study.

4. Etiquette part-time.

As an indispensable part of exhibitors’ face, they not only receive smiling guests all day, but also promote and introduce their products. Wearing high heels and standing for a long time is a test of body and mind. But compared with other part-time jobs, the salary is the highest.
In the final analysis, part-time work is not only a process of making money, but also a process of self-training and learning. The part-time jobs in the exhibition are basically busy from work to work, even drinking water. However, if you can survive such difficulties, I believe you will be fully prepared for any difficulties in the future. More importantly, when you mention the past, don’t you feel proud of yourself?

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