We must pay attention to these problems in exhibition design

Today, many enterprises choose to participate in the exhibition in order to promote their works. If good exhibition design is very important in the exhibition, what should good exhibition design pay attention to? Let’s share it. Please continue to read it.

1、 Considerations

The design of the exhibition should not be too crowded, which may cause some potential visitors to lose interest. On the contrary, an empty exhibition can produce the same effect. In this regard, the size of the exhibition is the main factor. Therefore, designers should also consider the number of exhibition staff and visits.

2、 Focus can be emphasized

The focus of the booth can attract attention. The focus selection shall serve the purpose of exhibition, generally including special products, new products, the most important products or valuable products. The focus of the products participating in the exhibition shall be emphasized to make the characteristics of the products clear at a glance.

3、 The overall design is harmonious and can not be disorderly

The booth is composed of layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, shelves, exhibits and other elements. Good exhibition design is to combine these factors to help exhibition enterprises achieve the purpose of exhibition.

4、 Design cannot be changed at will

The exhibition design should be thorough and comprehensive, and the design scheme should not be changed easily after discussion. Especially in the later stage, don’t change. The change may delay the construction, increase the cost and affect the opening.

5、 Design from the customer’s perspective

Good exhibition design is designed from the perspective of customers. We can learn from other people’s good works, but we can’t do without our own innovation. On this basis, we should increase our own ideas and ideas to achieve a breakthrough in innovative modeling. In addition, if you want to innovate, you can also consider the exhibition design materials and structure.

6、 Use environmentally friendly materials

The exhibition design shall use environmental protection materials as much as possible, which can not only protect the environment, but also meet social needs and promote the use and circulation of goods. The use of non environmentally friendly materials will pollute the environment, lead to an increase in garbage and costs, which is undesirable.
What problems must be paid attention to in exhibition design? I hope we can pay enough attention to the above six aspects to avoid problems and delay in design.

problems in exhibition design

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