What are the precautions for exhibition layout

The quality of exhibition design directly affects the effect of the exhibition, and many factors need to be considered in the design process, among which the exhibition layout can not be ignored. Then, what precautions are there in the exhibition layout?

1、 Selection of exhibits

In addition to the booth design, the selection of exhibits is also very important in the exhibition layout. Exhibitors should choose those high-quality products to impress visitors. Data show that the attraction of exhibits accounts for about 39% of visitors’ memory factors, so each exhibitor should focus on the selection of products. There are three principles for the selection of products, namely pertinence, representativeness and uniqueness. Pertinence means that the exhibits should conform to the exhibition purpose, the exhibition policy, the nature and content, while representativeness means that the products should fully reflect the exhibitors’ technical level, production capacity and the characteristics of exhibitors in the industry. Uniqueness means that the products should have their own unique charm and advantages, It should be able to distinguish from other similar products.

2、 With props

Many times, the display method can not fully explain or better display the product itself, so in this case, it needs to use charts, materials, models, models, speakers and other props, as well as lighting, color and music for rendering. If the exhibits are machinery or instruments, it is best to arrange on-site demonstration, or increase interactive links to let visitors do it themselves. If the exhibits are food and beverage, it is best for visitors to taste them on site and prepare small packaged gifts for free distribution. If the exhibits are clothing or backpacks, it is best to use models for display, Or arrange a special performance.

In short, when arranging the exhibition, we must pay attention to the exhibition layout and the above related matters, so as to attract the interest of visitors and increase their purchase desire.the precautions for exhibition

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