Uncover the secret! Specific process of exhibition design

Generally, before the exhibition design officially starts, we must have a preliminary grasp of the whole process and know what to do, so that we can grasp the core of it. Now let’s uncover the specific process of exhibition design, so that everyone can know it well.Uncover the secret

1、 Preparation stage

Before the exhibition design starts, we must make preparations. Specifically, we need to find professional exhibition designers to help us design. In addition, we should also determine the use of materials and specific exhibition contents, so as to be more conducive to show our skills later.

2、 Space division

After the preliminary preparations are done, the space of the whole exhibition should be divided, so that the whole exhibition can be designed better. Specifically, the display position of the exhibits and the specific space of the whole building should be divided to know what kind of exhibits should be placed in what kind of position. The next step of design shall be carried out in combination with the placement position of the exhibits, so that every place can be completely matched. But now all designs are a prototype. In the process of continuous deliberation later, some may be replaced, but it doesn’t matter. It’s normal.

3、 Atmosphere construction

In the process of exhibition design, we must not ignore the creation of space atmosphere. Some designs may not be very perfect, but if we can create the space atmosphere properly, the design effect of the whole exhibition will also be very good. It is best to let visitors know the spirit behind an exhibit or a story told by watching an exhibit. In addition, in the process of creating atmosphere, we must not ignore the use of light, because light is a good hand in creating atmosphere.

The above is the specific process of exhibition design. In the process of exhibition design, we must prepare in advance, divide the space after preparation, and finally create the atmosphere. In this way, the design effect should not be too bad.Uncover the secret

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