The role of VR technology in exhibition design

I don’t know if you have found it. Now many large exhibition construction companies like to use VR technology in exhibition design very much. During the exhibition process, due to the lack of interactive mode, too conservative and insufficient innovation, virtual reality technology can effectively solve this problem and bring people a unique experience.

When participating in the exhibition and displaying exhibits, it is through the presentation of various information to promote sales. VR technology can present commodity information in the form of text, picture, sound, animation and other media, which can well avoid some limitations when using plane display, and make the audience have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of commodity information.

In the past, when large exhibition construction companies designed exhibition halls, most of the renderings were planar and partial static. However, although 3D projection animation has strong 3D expression ability, it lacks the ability of real-time interaction, so the transmission of information is relatively single.

VR technology

VR technology can also play an important role in cultural heritage display. Using VR technology, the graphics workstation can create a virtual scene through permanent 3D simulation animation. Especially in the protection and restoration of cultural relics, with the help of data acquisition technology, establish a three-dimensional model to permanently preserve cultural information. At the same time, it can integrate cultural relics network resources, realize large-scale sharing of resources, and truly become the common cultural heritage of mankind.

VR technology can more truly simulate the real scene, so that visitors can feel the internal structure of the building and understand the information related to the building environment without entering the actual environment. The use of VR technology can break the time and space constraints of exhibition hall design and make information exchange more interactive.

For example, when building the real estate exhibition hall, large exhibition construction companies can use VR technology to well simulate the community environment and some surrounding scenes. Provide users with better quality and personalized services, so that users can personally feel the future environment of the community and choose a more suitable house type.

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