Booth construction and shape design

The booth construction planning shall also be carried out together with the surrounding exhibition supporting facilities. These supporting facilities mainly include transportation hubs, hotels, conference centers, etc. in addition, there should be business outlets of banks, insurance, logistics and other units. These facilities are an important part of exhibition services. At the same time, planning and design are conducive to the formation of a complementary organic whole between them and the progress of the exhibition; At the same time, it is conducive to the formation of a unified landscape and will not destroy the original landscape due to the temporary addition of new construction projects. There are some different requirements for the design of professional booth construction and general booth construction. The height and bearing of professional booth construction can be designed according to the volume and weight of exhibits; In general, the display needs of heavy machinery design shall be considered. Some experts believe that the area of each exhibition hall of a large exhibition center is about 10000 square meters.

As a new building, the Pavilion must fully consider the coordination with the surrounding environment in the planning and construction process. There are many types of organization structure of exhibition companies, such as linear organization, linear functional organization, business division organization, functional organization, matrix organization, etc. Here is a brief introduction.

Organizational structure of linear company

Linear organizational structure is a simple and basic organizational form. A straight-line exhibition company usually has a middle and lower level organization, and the company implements vertical leadership from top to bottom, that is, each person in charge of the company has direct authority over its subordinate units and personnel, including decision-making power, command power and supervision power, and is responsible for all problems of its subordinate units; Subordinate departments only accept the instructions of one superior and report to their direct superior The instructions of the superior units are communicated, decomposed and implemented through the subordinates. The general manager of the company also commands and monitors the operation of the whole company through the control of Finance and personnel. Highly centralized operation and management makes it a centralized exhibition company.

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