Layout method of booth construction

Despite the emergence of high-speed electronic communication in the 20th century, exhibitions, as a temporary market, are still the smallest professional and effective sales tool. However, a successful and effective exhibition also needs methods. Next, the small editor of Shanghai advertising company will introduce the layout of the booth construction.

Under normal circumstances, there are mainly four methods of exhibit display:

1、 Scene layout method

It is commonly used in exhibitions of household appliances. This method combines a certain consumer demand and related production activities, labor space, life scene, learning space and natural environment, and appropriately combines the exhibits in a specific exhibition space environment to make them play a role.
The characteristics of this exhibition are to fully display the use of goods through appropriate scenes and show their appearance and functional characteristics. Moreover, the scene display scene is easy to cause consumers’ intimacy and association and stimulate their desire to buy.

2、 Target layout method

The exhibition contents or key exhibits that need to be highlighted shall be placed in the center of the booth or layout space, while other exhibits can be placed on the display cabinets or shelves around the main exhibits by category. In order to form a harmonious and unified exhibition environment with clear primary and secondary, so that the audience can see the prominent main exhibits as soon as they enter the exhibition, and have a more prominent and distinctive effect on the expression of the exhibition theme, the lighting effect and the cooperation of sound, light and electricity can be used to match the corresponding advertising layout on the walls and corridor columns.

3、 Open layout method

It is often used in auto exhibitions. This layout design has high timeliness and action of display function. In the exhibition, customers and visitors are in direct contact with the exhibits. Visitors participate in exhibition activities with personal experience such as demonstration and operation. Their observation, communication, promotion and purchase are carried out in a lively, harmonious, friendly and free atmosphere.

4、 Close up arrangement

It is applicable to small technology products, small handicrafts and cosmetics exhibitions. According to the requirements of the exhibition purpose, it enlarges the key exhibits and small exhibits into several times of models or advertising photography to form an impact space visual effect.booth construction

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