Professional skills of carpet laying

The exhibition carpet is divided into block carpet and coiled material carpet, and the laying methods and positions are different.

1. Movable laying: it refers to placing the carpet on the base course without fixing the carpet with the base course.

2. Fixed laying: there are two fixing methods for fixed laying: one is strip fixing, using barbed plate to pull the carpet; The other is fixed by bonding method, which uses adhesive to stick the carpet on the floor.

Booth construction – basic process of carpet floor decoration:

(1) Clamp type fixing method:
Base course cleaning → carpet cutting → nailing barbed board → bedding → joint → leveling → fixing carpet → trimming → repairing carpet surface → cleaning.

(2) Fixing method of pasting method: floor treatment → actual setting out → carpet cutting → glue scraping and drying → silver pressing → cleaning and protection.
Booth construction – key points of carpet pavement construction:

1. Before paving, the actual measurement must be carried out to measure whether the wall corner is square and accurately record the angle of each corner. Snap lines and cut the carpet back according to the calculated blanking size.

2. The barbed Board shall be fixed and nailed along the wall, and the barbed Board shall be 8mm away from the skirting board.

3. The two carpets shall be pasted together with adhesive tape on the back of the carpet at the joint. The fluff at the joint shall be trimmed first, and the fluff at the joint shall be rubbed repeatedly until no joint trace is seen on the surface.

4. During bonding and laying, scrape the glue and let it stand for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and lay it when the glue becomes dry and sticky.

5. After the carpet is laid, the carpet shall be tightened and leveled with support pins and hung on the barbed board. After paving the carpet pasted with glue, press out bubbles with felt roller.

6. Cut off the excess carpet edges and remove the pulled fibers.

7. When cutting the carpet, it shall be cut along the warp of the carpet, only the weft shall be cut, not the warp. For the carpet with backing, the fluff shall be separated from the front, and the warp and weft shall be found out before cutting.

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