How to do well in Exhibition etiquette planning

How to do a good job in Exhibition planning, how to carry out Exhibition etiquette planning, so that enterprises can stand out in the business cloud?

(1) Understand the type of exhibition, enterprise brand, product characteristics, booth style, booth environment and competitors;

(2) Carry out the creative planning of the whole etiquette activities through the mastered data. For example, to achieve film and television effect, interpretation effect, dubbing effect, etc;

(3) According to the display style, choose whether the etiquette lady is a lively and cheerful model, a small and exquisite model or a modern performance model;

(4) According to the selected models for clothing design and production, the exhibition clothing is required to be novel and pleasing to the eye, which can be divided into stable and heavy type and lively type according to creativity. In short, it can fully show the characteristics of an enterprise.

(5) Divide the models according to their creativity, such as personnel training for commentators, actors, exhibitors and receptionists.

(6) During the exhibition, the management of etiquette planning company and the play of etiquette ladies also have a great impact on the success of the exhibition.

In 1996, the international auto show was held in the International Exhibition Center, with an unprecedented gathering of world famous cars and great success. Behind the success, the etiquette planning in the exhibition is indelible. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi and other famous cars have not only made great efforts in booth design and technical professionals, but also made great efforts in etiquette planning, personnel selection and training, clothing selection and so on. When we walked into the exhibition, Miss Honda’s clear voice was amazing; Miss Ford’s live performance makes people linger. The exquisite booth and elegant Miss show the famous brand of the car. These Exhibition etiquette ladies are cleverly integrated with the brand, model, style and characteristics of the car, complement each other, and reflect the delicacy and originality of the Exhibition etiquette planning. With the sensational effect of the auto show, people pay more attention to the Exhibition planning.

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