Exhibition industry is the wind vane of economic development

Exhibition economy is a new economic form, which refers to an economic phenomenon and economic behavior that brings direct or indirect economic and social benefits through holding various forms of conferences, exhibitions and sales. It can not only bring a steady flow of business, logistics, people, capital and information, directly promote the development of Commerce, tourism and other industries, create business opportunities and attract investment, but also stimulate the development of other industries.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition economy can promote the development of the city and improve the external popularity and reputation of the city
With the improvement of the degree of opening to the outside world and the increase of economic and trade activities at home and abroad, Changxing enterprises have higher and higher initiative and enthusiasm to participate in various exhibitions abroad. In order to promote the development of open economy, Changxing also actively encourages local enterprises to “go out” to participate in various overseas exhibitions, so as to enhance the popularity of enterprises and promote their export through this platform. At the same time, in order to activate the consumption market in the county and promote the development of local commerce and trade, our county also launched exhibitions such as housing Expo, car Expo and marriage Expo, which appeared in front of Changxing consumers with a very high frequency and achieved considerable economic benefits.

Exhibition industry

Taking advantage of participating in exhibitions outside the county and holding exhibitions in the county to create extremely high economic benefits has become a “good wind direction” in the process of economic development of Changxing, and the exhibition industry has long become a new economic growth point of Changxing, which plays a very powerful role in promoting and promoting the development of Changxing city.

Looking at the development of the world exhibition economy around the world, it is not difficult to see that the strength and development level of the exhibition economy directly reflect the advantages of a region in terms of comprehensive economic strength, overall economic scale and service industry level. Now Changxing’s exhibition economy is in the ascendant and is moving towards a stage of vigorous development. It is believed that this “sunrise industry” will develop better under the guidance and promotion of the government and the support and cooperation of enterprises, and become a “booster” of the urban economy.

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