Five trends in booth design

The time to attend the exhibition is very valuable, so we can’t waste this time with an outdated design. Know what is hot and what is not, so you can have certain advantages over other competitors when participating in the exhibition.Five trends

Mobile phone charging station

This seems like a small feature, but it can have a significant impact. This feature not only helps the audience solve potential problems, but also you will have more time to communicate with them when they charge.

LED lighting

Do you have any new products released at the exhibition? Or do you offer multiple products? Don’t just tell the audience what products you offer, show them. Use led to illuminate your featured products, so that the audience is not so easy to miss.

Touch screen

Tablets and monitors on the platform are the highlights of your booth. Adding some touch screens at the exhibition can greatly improve the advanced sense of the booth and the user experience. You can also have a good interactive device with the audience. Further enhance the value of participating in the exhibition.

Information collection software

Better information collection software should not only work for the audience, but also be responsible for submitting accurate and complete information for the staff. Just like the app on the mobile phone, it is easy to record and query information. Collect accurate information in time to facilitate you to follow up after the exhibition, so as to improve your conversion rate.

Various materials

The appearance of the booth at the exhibition is constantly changing over time. Now, you can choose to use fabric, texture and texture in your exhibition. Let your booth and exhibits bring the audience a unique and unforgettable experience. But remember, some things are really popular, but that doesn’t mean you have to move it to the exhibition site. All design elements and creativity are centered on your brand.Five trends

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