【DE】Experience the digital school of the future live

Offer for the digitization of schools at LEARNTEC is growing

From 31. May to 2. June 2022, the digital education industry will meet again at LEARNTEC – Europe’s largest event for digital education in school, university and work – on site at Messe Karlsruhe for personal networking and knowledge transfer. The school theme area will fill its own exhibition hall for the first time in 2022. School and school office management, media consultants, employees at district or state level as well as interested teachers can actively participate in workshops on site, try out the latest technologies live and exchange ideas with colleagues about the school of the future. In addition, numerous exhibitors present their products and services related to digital learning at school to visitors.



The school theme area will fill its own exhibition hall for the first time in 2022. (Credit: Messe Karlsruhe/ Behrendt and Rausch)


The demand for digital solutions for schools and educational institutions has increased significantly in recent years. LEARNTEC is also growing from year to year. For the first time, we are now bundling the offers for the digital school in our own exhibition hall and present compactly all current developments and trends for the school of the future, says René Naumann, project manager of LEARNTEC.


An own exhibition hall for the digital school of the future

On all three days of the fair, more than 140 exhibitors present their products and services related to digital learning at school to visitors in the dm-arena alone. Among others, REDNET, Prowise, the Alliance for Education and the Association for Educational Media are among the present. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg will also be represented at LEARNTEC again and will present various building blocks of the digital education platform among other digital projects.


“We are glad that LEARNTEC will open its doors again after Corona in 2022. It is one of the most important educational fairs in Germany and we are pleased to finally meet the decision-makers that are important to us in person,” says Fabian Haars, Head of Marketing at the exhibitor iServ. At LEARNTEC, he will present a solution for collaborative networking and supra-school cooperation. “For us, LEARNTEC is a place where the progressive digitization of education can be experienced. You can try out the products yourself and exchange ideas with other interested parties about your own experiences and new possibilities. For us as a provider, this exchange is particularly important in order to better understand the needs of our customers and the resulting requirements for our product world, says Hendrik Langner, Managing Director of phase-6 GmbH. The company will present offers for teachers as well as pupils at LEARNTEC. And Olaf Cordt, Head of Marketing at VIL GmbH, adds: ” LEARNTEC is a wonderful event to draw attention to the many possibilities for optimizing school lessons. We are pleased to be able to take another step towards a digitized classroom with the help of LEARNTEC.” VIL GmbH has testable VR glasses with content designed for school lessons in its luggage at LEARNTEC.



The three-day specialist forum school@LEARNTEC also finds its place at the trade fair again and offers the opportunities for many interesting exchange and information discussions. (Credit: Messe Karlsruhe/ Behrendt and Rausch)


Learning platforms, cloud solutions, digital media and digital pact

The three-day specialist forum school@LEARNTEC also finds its place at the trade fair again and offers the opportunities for many interesting exchange and information discussions. In lectures and discussion rounds with top-class speakers, all slots around learning platforms and cloud solutions, teaching with digital media and the Digital Pact School are under the big main topic “Education in a Culture of Digitality.”


Among others, the Lower Saxony State Secretary for Digitalization, Stefan Muhle, will speak to the participants. Taking into account the overall social influence of digitization processes, he calls for “Education in abundance – How far is the way to go?” in his keynote.


The living environment of children and young people has changed through the net. Influencers from the social networks have literally become family members and TikTok appears as an almost vital “organ”. In her keynote, headmistress Silke Müller continues “Between social network, fake news and hate speech – An attack (only) on our children?” the need to build a digital ethics into the focus of school work. The session is intended to show why curricula urgently need a new focus and ethical principles of democratic coexistence, new definitions and agreements.


In terms of educational science, visitors can rely on Prof. Dr. Uta Hauck-Thum (LMU Munich), Prof. Dr. Olaf Axel Burow (University of Kassel) and Prof. Dr. Anne Sliwka (University of Heidelberg) are pleased to contribute their thoughts on the topic of “School of the Future” in their discourse. Numerous “best practice” examples from the series of the “smart schools” offer insights into the learning of tomorrow. Two new topics are also increasingly in focus for the first time at school@LEARNTEC: gamification and school construction will make a first surcharge at the upcoming LEARNTEC.


Access to the forum school@LEARNTEC is already included in the trade fair ticket. The entire program is available online.


Media Competence Day on the 2nd June 2022

On the third day of the fair, the Media Competence Day of the City Media Center Karlsruhe will take place again as part of LEARNTEC. The pandemic acted as an accelerator in terms of digitization – this also applies and above all to the school education sector. Numerous federal and state support programs have driven digitization. Schools now often have solid digital infrastructures and end devices. Initial experiences with “remote learning” or “hybrid learning” have been made. These show how technology can be successfully used as a learning and communication tool.


But what happens after the pandemic? How have students changed in recent years? What could their requirements for schools look like? How should learning in schools be designed in the future? The Media Competence Day provides impulses that enable the first steps towards digitality. Further information about the program and registration can be found online.



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