【DE】Successful premiere for the TI-Expo + Conference: The industry has shown that the new platform works  

The new event around the technical insulation TI-Expo + Conference draws a successful balance after its premiere. Around 1,300 visitors informed themselves to explore the offers around technical insulation in the industry. The date for next event next year has already been set: The next TI-Expo + Conference will take place on the 29th and 30th. March 2023 at Messe Essen.


Essen – The insulation industry last met live in 2018, which is why exhibitors and visitors eagerly awaited the new event and the joy of reunion was felt on site. The feedback from the exhibitors is mostly positive and already gives a look to the future. The TI-Expo + Conference is the new annual meeting place for technical insulation. Messe Essen has proven itself as a location. The TI-Expo + Conference is centrally located in Essen in western Germany and due to the proximity to the Benelux countries, visitor groups and exhibitors from neighboring countries came to the first event.


The timeliness of technical insulation has increased again in recent weeks and the TI-Expo + Conference came at the right time with its premiere. TI-Expo project manager Christian Poell draws a positive balance: “We are pleased that the TI-Expo + Conference has made such a good start. This was only possible through the support and commitment of the industry. Thank you very much for that! In the current situation, achieving the climate goals of the Federal Government is of great importance. That’s why we are glad that we can start again next year with the TI and place up-to-date information. For next year, we would like to bring even more enthusiastic experts to Essen who are interested in further training and knowledge transfer. Of course, we also rely on the support of our partner associations, which are ZDB and HDB in the national and EiiF and FESI in the international context.”


At TI-Expo, more than 60 exhibitors covered all aspects of technical insulation for industry and buildings. Together with various industry representatives, associations, companies and partners, professional program items were offered during the fair, including practical lectures and in-depth information offers. A highlight was the Innovation & Experience area in which technical innovations were presented and which was used for personal exchange.


Parallel to TI-Expo, leading experts provided information on topics in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability, standards and guidelines, digitization, research and development as well as maintenance and services. The TI Conference was designed and organized by the Rudolf Müller Media Group, editor of the journal TI Technische Isolation. On the two congress days, around 80 congress participants came to inform and exchange ideas in the in-depth lectures and panel discussions.


Stephan Schalm, member of the management board of the Rudolf Müller Media Group, designed the lecture program and accompanied it on site: “We had a very good response at the TI Conference, we had great lectures, a great auditorium, many questions, very interactive and ultimately a very fast-paced and informative panel discussion. There is nowhere else to find so much practical information on the subject of energy efficiency and sustainability in the context of technical insulation. See you next year.”


The organizers of TI-Expo, Henning and Thilo Könicke, Managing Directors of AFAG, also draw a positive balance and already look back at 2023: “It was simply fun to meet again and start with the new format. I think everyone who was in Essen had good conversations, recorded good business and you really have to say it’s a great industry. The industry has waited far too long to meet live. The new platform worked and it was a sensational first entry with the TI-Expo + Conference.”


After the premiere, the TI-Expo + Conference will now take place annually at Messe Essen. The next appointment is Wednesday, 29th and Thursday 30th. March 2023. Current information on TI-Expo and TI-Conference is available at www.ti-expo.de and www.ti-conference.de.


Comments on the TI-Expo


Dr. Rudolf Jürcke, FESI – European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors:

“It is an absolute highlight that after this long time – due to Corona – we now have an industry meeting of this size again. We hope that this industry will be given the right place in both politics and the economy, because what better way to achieve energy efficiency than through reasonable insulation. This is the central issue.”


Andreas Gürtler, Foundation Director, European Industrial Insulation Foundation EiiF:

“The quality of the visitors to TI-Expo is very good and we are very happy about that. We hope that it will make the rounds for the future, how good the atmosphere is, how good the quality is and that you can really get new information here.”


Mike Westermann, Managing Director, Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH:

“It’s just great that the industry has a center to get together live again. The conversations have a lot of potential, that’s just fun and that’s why we’re here.”


Marcel Goebel, CEO, Goebel GmbH:

“The atmosphere at the fair is excellent and our expectations were met. We are impressed. Since you know all the customers, it’s like coming home, that’s family.”


Markus Biland, Managing Director, MABI AG:

“We are very happy and very grateful that there is another event like this, this is the meeting place for the insulation industry. It started very well and the mood is good. People are happy to be back at a live fair. We already had very good contacts on the first day and we hope that this will continue.”


Jörg Meyer, Head of Marketing and Communication, G+H Isolation:

TI-Expo is really important for the insulator industry after three and a half years of abstinence. I think that TI-Expo will build a very good platform, especially in conjunction with Rudolf Müller Verlag. The rush of visitors was initially a bit reserved, but then intensified quite a bit and we were able to have some interesting, very good conversations here at the stand on the first day. The bottom line is that TI-Expo will re-establish itself in the field of insulators.”


Ralf Truschel, Country Sales Leader HVAC Germany, PAROC:

“Of course, it’s nice that you can meet again after such a long time. Many people have hardly been seen in the last two or three years, at least not in this composition. The influx at the fair was great. The quality of the conversations is very good and you can see that many have also missed it. Because you talk about topics that are dealt with in side sentences.”


Peter Grabowski, Manager Strategic Marketing and Communications, SUMTEQ GmbH:

“For us, it is a very interesting opportunity to exhibit our areas in technical isolation. The discussions are very positive. We have quite a good influx of large manufacturers and large customers with whom we come into contact and we are happy about that.”


Comments on the TI conference


Andreas Gürtler, Foundation Director, European Industrial Insulation Foundation EiiF:

It is extremely important that we get together again after this long break and dare new things, such as the conference. Especially now under the pressure of the current time, we see how important it is to bring the information about technical insulation to men and women, and for this a conference format, in combination with the fair, is a very important platform. This was a first start here and it starts well. We see the potential and we believe that every year we can gain even more interest and more visitors to the conference.”


Thomas Dekarski, Environmental and Energy Manager, Nipro PharmaPackaging Germany:

“Due to the very strong growth in our company, we had a lot of areas that we only roughly considered in the execution. In operational, ongoing operation, we then noticed that we have a lot of energy losses. For this reason, we got external help and took a closer look at the systems together with the specialist planner. We were able to solve the identified deficits together with the skilled workers. Simple measures were taken that paid for themselves quickly, but complex pipe guides were also re-insulated in order to improve energy efficiency at this point.”


Karlheinz Kermann, master insulation, ö.b.u.v. Expert, TIPCHECK engineer of EiiF:

The problem is that insulation is often not taken into account in plant construction – both in industry and in technical building equipment – in planning. There are many solutions, for example, insulation must already be taken into account in advance when planning the plants.”



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