【ES】Remourban, 360o Advisor Platform, CIR Project, Public spaces of the suburb of Alora Castle, Teresa Marzo, Ángel Moreno and Grupo Rusvel, first winners of the ASPRIMA-SIMA 2022 Awards

The 19th edition of the ASPRIMA-SIMA Awards yesterday announced the five direct designation awards in the categories of urban regeneration, innovation and training, unleashed professional of the year and improving the image of the sector. The rest of the winners will be made public on May 26 in the course of a gala sponsored by Aliseda Excent, Fotocasa and Toshiba, with the collaboration of Grato.



55 candidacies and 42 companies will compete in the 2022 edition of the ASPRIMA-SIMA Awards   photo: simaexpo.com




Outstanding professional of the year


Teresa Marzo, CEO of Elix, and Ángel Moreno, president of Napisa, have been awarded in the outstanding Professional category of the year. With the Teresa Marzo award, the jury wanted to recognize her ability to position Elix as one of the leading companies in the investment of real estate assets, which has launched new vehicles focused on residential rental. In the case of Ángel Moreno, the jury values his undoubted contribution to the sector during his 30 years as president of the Real Estate Circle, a position he left a few months ago, and his business career at the head of NAPISA, a company specializing in industrial and tertiary promotion and construction, which celebrates its 30 years of life this year.


Improving the image of the sector


The jury has decided to award the Andalusian company Grupo Rusvel the Improving the image of the sector award. With this award, the jury wanted to recognize the long history of this family holding company founded 100 years ago and that has managed to go through all kinds of scenarios, from the most adverse during our civil war or the last economic crises, to others of great prosperity, such as the expansion of the sixties or that of the last decade.


Best initiative in urban regeneration


The urban regeneration of the FASA District in Valladolid, a European Horizon 2020 project, has been the winner in the category Best initiative in urban regeneration. The jury has highlighted the unquestionable benefit that the rehabilitation works undertaken by this project in the city of Valladolid will bring to the citizen. Promoted by the City Council of the Castilian-Leonese capital, the Cartif Foundation, Acciona, Veolia and Xeridia, the action is a model of urban regeneration that is committed to a sustainable transformation of the city through energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and ICTs. The actions implemented have improved the lives of 1,000 residents of the FASA district of the city and intervened in an area of 24,700 m2, making it possible to reduce energy consumption by 30%, reduced CO2 emissions by 77% and reduced the energy bill of neighbors by 64%.


The jury has decided to give a mention to the City Council of Álora (Málaga), for the project of urban regeneration of the public spaces of the Arrabal del Castillo. With this distinction, the jury wanted to recognize “the effort of smaller municipalities to undertake projects of this nature.”


Mention of the outstanding international project has fallen this year on the project carried out in Songyang County, China, led by the DnA_Design and Architecture studio. Adapting an architectural acupuncture strategy, a multifunctional public program has been carried out in different towns and rural regions according to each particular heritage and context, which has allowed the creation of a new entity of the rural economic collective without renouncing local heritage and identity. Songyang County is located about 450 kilometers southwest of Shanghai.


Best innovation initiative


Plataforma 360o Advisor, from CoCircular Business Intelligence, has won the award in the innovation category. In the opinion of the jury, it is a “project aligned with sustainable development and whose main objective is to implement the circular economy in the construction sector.”


Plataforma 360a Advisor is a key tool that makes it easier for builders, developers and public administrations to promote the circular economy in their waste management processes to prevent 90% of these from simply ending up in the landfill. In the last year, and thanks to the technology developed by CoCircular Business Intelligence, more than 700,000 tons of waste have been managed, of which 82% have been recovered, which has an impact of about 130 Olympic swimming pools.




Best initiative in training


The CIR (Internal Resident Builder) project, developed by the construction company Arpada, has been the winner in the category of Best Training Initiative. In his assessment, the juror has highlighted two main merits. On the one hand, that it be an initiative with the focus on the training of young students before making their defined leap to the real estate labor market. And, on the other hand, that the project has been developed internally by a construction company, a circumstance that is not usually so common in the sector.


The CIR project, inspired by the health MIR, aims to provide comprehensive training to the best students from university technical schools, in order to train them to hold managerial positions in the construction sector. The CIR program has a duration of 2 years, and a dual approach that combines theoretical training, integrated into the General Training Plan of Arpada, with practical training that is developed both on the construction site (production) and in the central departments of the construction company.


In addition, the jury in this category has also agreed to grant two mentions to the projects Urban Forest Innovation LAB of Cuenca (UFIL), by the promoter Via Ágora, and Learning & Development, of the consulting firm Colliers. The Vía Ágora initiative consists of an annual training plan that includes both individual and group training, aimed at improving technical skills and personal skills, and training in occupational risk prevention. For its part, Colliers’ comprehensive training plan accompanies all the professionals of the company in their personal and professional development, to increase and retain global talent, from the youngest to the most senior profile, and to increase the level of commitment, effort and collaboration of the team.


 The Industry Awards


The 19th edition of the ASPRIMA-SIMA Awards consists of ten categories to which more than 55 applications from 42 companies have been submitted, in addition to projects directly selected by the juries in those categories of free designation by them.


Thes categorías abiertas a la competición son las siguientes: Better real estate performance in housing, Better non-residential real estate performance, More sustainable Real Estate Project, Best product/service marketing campaign of real estate companies and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. There are five other categories of free designation: Outstanding professional of the year, Improving the image of the real estate sector, Best initiative in urban regeneration, Best initiative in innovation and Best entrepreneurship in training.


The award ceremony of the ASPRIMA-SIMA 2022 Awards will be on May 26 during an event sponsored by Aliseda Excent, Fotocasa and Toshiba, with the collaboration of Grato.











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