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A representative online survey by Innofact on behalf of OutDoor by ISPO proved that outdoor activities have been very trendy since the corona pandemic and the demand for appropriate equipment is still high. 76 percent of respondents have invested in new outdoor accessories in the past twelve months and the same number of Germans want to do the same in the current year.


Results of the OutDoor by ISPO survey on the purchasing behavior of outdoor equipment         Image credit: ISPO



Hiking, jogging or camping – the Germans are very drawn to nature. 76 percent, according to a recent online survey commissioned by Outdoor by ISPO, want to invest in new equipment in the next twelve months. Jogging and hiking equipment is particularly in demand. It is striking that younger and middle age groups in particular are enthusiastic about hiking boots, functional clothing and other equipment and have bought equipment here or want to acquire it in the next twelve months. So every fourth person between the ages of 18 and 39 wants to buy a backpack soon. More than 40 percent of this age group already bought a backpack last year. Hiking and mountaineering is not an exclusive activity of the “Südländer” of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Northern federal states such as Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony have also increased here. Thuringia and Saxony are even leaders: From a percentage point of view, most consumers of the survey want to buy hiking boots and backpacks there. These are the first results of a population-representative online survey conducted in April 2022 by Innofact on behalf of OutDoor by ISPO among 1042 respondents in Germany.


According to the results of the survey, jogging and walking are also in vogue, probably also to reduce stress after months of restrictions and seek relaxation outdoors. The Germans are more active than ever: Almost 39 percent of the participants bought new jogging shoes last year, 36 percent jogging clothes. In addition to running, Nordic walking remains very popular itself and is by no means just a women’s business: In the next twelve months, more men (11 percent) than women (7 percent) plan to buy Nordic walking accessories.


Germans want to buy more e-bikes than bicycles

Exciting result also: According to the survey, more people want to buy an e-bike this year than a normal bicycle (18.4 versus 16.8 percent). Last year it was the other way around: 20 percent bought a new bike, after all 13 percent already bought an e-bike. Men rely more on the support of electric motors (23 percent) than women (14 percent). Camping and sleeping outside the house also remains very popular: 15 percent of consumers are preparing for outdoor holidays – buy new tents, transport boxes and other camping accessories.


The pandemic has led to a real run on outdoor activities in recent months. Both in nature and on the doorsteps in the cities. And the trend continues. The figures of the survey show that Germans are willing to continue to spend money on outdoor equipment. This is also proven by the sales figures of many outdoor brands and outdoor specialists such as Bergzeit and Bergfreunde. Corona has led, among other things, to us Germans mutating from travel world champion to hiking world champion,” comments Lena Haushofer, Exhibition Director OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Munich.


Innovations and new products in the outdoor industry show over 200 outdoor brands at OutDoor by ISPO, which will be launched from the 12th to the 14th. June at the MOC Event and Order Center Munich. A special focus here is on mountain sports, camping and urban outdoor. Further details can be obtained by request: ispo@cocodibu.de




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