【DE】BUS2BUS 2022: Back to the future

The industry meeting for the German and European bus and supplier industry makes a successful restart and brings together around 2,000 top-class trade visitors from 25 countries with around 100 exhibitors from 16 countries.


BUS2BUS, whose third live edition will take place from 27th to 28th. April at the Berlin exhibition center, draws a positive balance. After pandemic-related postponement, it was finally time to “back to personal exchange”. Around 2,000 participants from 25 countries informed themselves about the latest trends in the bus industry, focusing on sustainability through technological innovations.


“On the two days of the fair, BUS2BUS reflected the high degree of innovative strength in the industry and offered a suitable platform for the discussion about new drives, infrastructures and new mobility concepts. The quality of the trade visitors was very high, as the feedback from our exhibitors shows us. The mood was overwhelming and underlined once again how much the industry missed personal encounters – because bus business is people business,” says Kerstin Kube-Erkens, director of BUS2BUS.



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Around 100 exhibitors from 16 countries presented their products, services and technical solutions at the industry meeting of the German and European bus and supplier industry. The key players in the industry were represented with a larger product range, especially more vehicles. Representatives from politics, business and science underlined the importance of the bus in the context of the mobility turnaround with their visit. The combination of trade fair, an informative stage program, consisting of Future Forum and bdo Congress, as well as the BUS2Specials was equally well received by trade visitors and exhibitors, which is reflected in positive preliminary survey results.


Satisfied exhibitors and trade visitors


The proportion of international visitors has increased this year and is now almost 25%. Concept, focal points and overall appearance of BUS2BUS 2022 are well received: Around 90% of trade visitors rate these aspects of BUS2BUS positively. The price-performance ratio will be considered more attractive this year compared to 2019, more than 4 out of 5 trade visitors are of this opinion. Overall satisfaction also expresses these positive experiences and remains at a very high level: 9 out of 10 respondents are (very) satisfied with the BUS2BUS 2022 overall. Almost as many are planning to visit the next BUS2BUS 2024.


BUS2BUS is classified by around 9 out of 10 exhibitors as a suitable presentation area for innovations and innovations and by almost as many as an innovation platform on the German market. More than half of the exhibitors presented innovations and innovations.


More than 85% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the high quality of the trade visitors.


All these good impressions lead to a positive overall impression among 95% of exhibitors and a high re-participation intention of 87%.



The next BUS2BUS will take place from the 24th to the 25th. April 2024.


Statements on BUS2BUS 2022


Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany

“Digitalization plays a central role in the mobility turnaround. It enables, for example, the use of on-demand offers that complement local transport more efficient and attractive, so that ideally no one has to wait for the bus or walk to the stop in the pouring rain. A few clicks in an app, and a short time later you will be picked up by a best electrically powered and autonomous vehicle. This is how tailor-made and flexible, attractive and efficient, I imagine the mobility of tomorrow.”


Frank Krämer, Head of Sales Bus, MAN Truck & Bus Germany

“BUS2BUS was once again a very successful trade fair with a great start and a high political presence, with a lot of expert visitors, not a walk-in clientele, as you know from other trade fairs, but very interested, very competent people who are familiar with the industry, who deal with it intensively. Therefore, it is a real trade fair that, in my opinion, has really established itself. We are looking forward to next time.”


Edvardas Radzevicius, CEO, Altas Auto

“We are on the BUS2BUS for the first time and are taking part in a trade fair for the first time ever after a rather long break. The fair shows that the market is very active. There is a great interest in our products. We had many interested visitors to our stand. Our company is currently growing very strongly on the German market. BUS2BUS is the right platform for us to get in touch with transport companies and was very successful for us.”


Martin Ecknig, Chairman of the Management Board, Messe Berlin

“At BUS2BUS, we have the opportunity not only to discuss the innovations, but also to experience them on a large scale, to feel them, to participate in them and, in particular, to recognize their potential for a next version of mobility.”


Karl Hülsmann, President, Federal Association of German Bus Operators

“We are in the phase of a transformation process that we have never had before. We are now experiencing the transformation not only in the drive, but also many other things will change automatically for all of us. We will be able to see this drive and transport turnaround here to some extent, approaches of good considerations, but we also need decisions from politics that shape how it shows us how it sees the future of mobility and, above all, sets the right framework conditions.”


Philipp Glonner, CEO, ARTHUR Holding

“We have a lot of resonance. This is certainly also due to the fact that no one knew us yet and we had our first trade fair appearance here at BUS2BUS. That’s why there was a lot going on at the stand, whether they were suppliers, potential customers or, of course, competitors. I have to say that the feedback is generally very friendly. It was fun, and Messe Berlin supported us great!”


Peter Freedman, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, SWITCH Mobility

“We really enjoyed the fair. We were able to present our products for the first time in Germany. We were very impressed by the response, but also by the amount of people who were at our stand. We followed very interesting discussions and had debates about the market.”


Dr. Meike Niedbal, State Secretary for Mobility, Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection Berlin

“In the corona crisis, we have seen: Public transport is and remains the backbone for the mobility turnaround in Berlin. (…) What we need is an Excellence Initiative for Public Transport. I am firmly convinced that we can combine many advantages with bus transport. Bus traffic is quickly scalable, opens up the possibility of fine development and longer distances are also possible. The decarbonization of the fleet is an important contribution to climate protection and helps to make livable cities possible.”


Jana Schimke, MdB, Chairman of the Tourism Committee in the German Bundestag

BUS2BUS gives us as MPs, as politicians, the opportunity to talk to the industry, but above all to get a feel again: What is the mood? Where are the problems? What’s new at the moment? We were able to get an impression of this physically.”


Tanya Altmann, Managing Director, SKODA TRANSPORTATION Germany

“The fair was a success for me in several ways. We were able to present our new product, the new E’CITY, not only to the German, but also to the international audience. I was very pleased about this, because operators came from different countries, all of whom were waiting for this fair. People are looser and more open than before the pandemic, there is simply nothing like personal exchange. I found the accompanying programs and the integration of politics very important. Because without investments and support programs, the mobility turnaround cannot take place, even if the market has a lot of solutions in store.”


Nuno Lago de Carvalho, CCO, Caetano Bus

BUS2BUS was strategically important to us, as we are expanding our market presence in Germany and the Berlin region. That’s why it’s very important for us to be here at BUS2BUS.”


Boris Höltermann, Managing Director, VDL Bus & Coach

“The most beautiful thing about the BUS2BUS was that we could see many people again. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas. It’s a bit of a pity that we haven’t been able to show our new vehicle yet, as we still have to wait for the official launch. But we were able to tell a lot about it and that met with great interest.”


Wolfgang Hackauf, Sales Director Germany, Ebusco

“We were positively surprised. The last time we were here was three years ago. BUS2BUS has taken a noticeable step forward in the area of visitors. This may be due to the current situation in which everyone wants to go out and go to events. Overall, we were very satisfied with our appearance and our position here outdoors.”


Andreas Hager, CEO, Pepper Motion

“We have always felt very comfortable on the BUS2BUS, before the pandemic, but also now. You can feel that everyone really wants to take a fair again. The digital and hybrid formats can cushion something. However, they did not replace the personal meeting, informal conversation, the conversations in between while eating or in the evening over a beer, this only arises at such an event. We also have really good things to do, right on the first day it went really well with us and so time passes far too quickly.”


Stephan Stieglauer, Co-CEO Group, Kiel Interior Solutions

“It was important for us to be here because it is one of the first trade fairs after Corona history. We have shown a great presence. This has proven to be correct. You can feel that people want to talk to each other again. The conversations were very open, very friendly and there was a lot of audience. The panels and lectures were well attended, very entertaining and informative. We are very satisfied.”


Daniel Krauss, founder and CIO, Flixbus

“It’s always nice to come to BUS2BUS. You think it’s a bus fair, but actually it’s a future fair. We are on site with a biogas bus, you can see electric buses everywhere. I think the exchange here shows a lot of what is yet to come.”


Jochen Grau, Marketing Communication, IVECO BUS

“We are very satisfied. Significantly more journalists came to our press conference than expected. After that, there was a lot going on at the stand, and many discussions are also planned for the second day. At Future Night, we met many old, but also new people. The industry is changing and so there are also new players here with interesting products on site.”


Tomi Ristimäki, CEO, Kempower

“BUS2BUS is an important trade fair for us because it is focused on public transport. There was a lot going on at our stand, especially on the first day. We had very good conversations as part of the panels.”


Dr. Jens-Holger Heinemann, Head of Sales Regions, Mercedes-Benz and Setra Buses Germany, Daimler Buses, EvoBus

“The proximity to the bdo is of great advantage for us, as many of our customers are active there, who come automatically. There were also a number of attractive customers. After two or three more event slots, the fair will continue to develop well.”


Daniel Sattel, COO & Co-Founder AWAKE Mobility

“We made many good contacts at the fair and met many interesting people. There was always a lot going on here in the start-up area. We were able to present our company on stage and met many new people.



BUS2BUS, an innovative business platform for the bus and supplier industry in Germany, which focuses exclusively on the bus industry, has been taking place since 2017. More than 1,700 trade visitors from 34 countries and 103 exhibiting companies from 13 countries took part in BUS2BUS 2019. Preparations for BUS2BUS 2022 show that the trade fair will be even bigger, with more buses and test drive opportunities than ever before. With the combination of trade fair, an informative stage program of Future Forum and bdo Congress as well as workshops and presentations (BUS2Specials), it covers the entire range of future technologies and shows the latest trends and innovations in the bus industry. The next BUS2BUS will take place from the 27th to the 28th. April 2022 in Berlin.


About Messe Berlin

Berlin has been a trade fair location for 200 years, one of the most important in the world for many decades. As a state-owned trade fair company, Messe Berlin designs, markets and organizes hundreds of live events every year. The aim is to be an outstanding host to visitors at all events, to give the best possible business impulses and to ensure fair conditions for everyone. This self-image is reflected in the company motto: Messe Berlin – Hosting the World.

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