【DE】13. Motorworld Classics Lake Constance starts with dynamism

International trade fair for classic mobility with over 600 exhibitors, clubs and participants


For classic car fans, long and hard-rich months without a classic car fair have finally come to an end. From 6th to 8th In May 2022, fans of historical mobility will gather again at the exhibition center in Friedrichshafen to feel the unique live atmosphere of Motorworld Classics Lake Constance with all their senses. With its dynamic event portfolio, our classic car fair has a unique selling point that stands out in the round of the major classic car fairs. Nowhere else is there a circuit directly on the exhibition grounds where racers can present their two-, three- and four-wheeled historic racing cars to a large audience. Here the feeling of glorious racing times can be experienced live and the past can be seen, smelled and heard,” says project manager Roland Bosch. This year, exclusive motorcycle classics from the Töff country of Switzerland, a special exhibition for the anniversary of 100 years of Maybach and a dozen classics of aviation from the twenties celebrate their premiere.



MOTORWORLD BODENSEE 2022: Gebhard Zeller mit seinem Austin Healey Le Mans, Baujahr 1962

Photo: motorworld-classics-bodensee.de



Oldtimers not only offer the rustic driving pleasure of a time without “electronic helpers”, they have also been a highly attractive investment for many years. Not only the exclusive models from the beat of a Mercedes, Porsche or Jaguar, for example, are suitable as a worthwhile investment. More and more, the so-called “bread and butter cars” are also becoming the focus of interested parties. Finding a good beetle for less than 10,000 euros is almost impossible. Today, vehicles are being restored that were pressed into a square scrap iron cube a few years ago. For many car repair shops, the restoration of classic cars has become a worthwhile business. Cars and motorcycles that awaken memories of one’s own childhood are becoming more and more of interest. These are no longer necessarily the classic cars that are associated in children’s books as typical classic cars, but increasingly also so-called youngtimers aged 20 to 25. So vehicles that have been on their hump for a few years, but have not yet received the coveted H license plate. If you want to get your first Golf GTI or cadet GTE again, you could find it at Motorworld Classics Lake Constance both from the vehicle dealers, in the private sales hall, but also in the visitor parking lot. It is a good tradition that visitors who arrive in style with the classic car park right in the heart of the exhibition.


When it comes to classic mobility, the topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important. In particular, this is an initiative of the DEUVET (Bundesverband Oldtimer und Youngtimer e.V.). “Our fundamental goal is to enable classic car owners to maintain, restore, maintain and use at bearable financial costs, without unnecessary bureaucratic effort and at acceptable legal framework conditions. To this end, DEUVET is actively involved in shaping politics at federal and state level as well as in the EU,” reports Peter Schneider, President of DEUVET. As part of the lecture program, the Federal Association also informs daily about new sales law and trademark and personal rights for associations.


What unites many friends of the rolling cultural heritage, whether as a member of one of the numerous brand clubs or as a private individual, is the love of tinkering and screwing as well as the feeling of having a piece of history. Gebhard Zeller, passionate racing driver and classic car fan, raves: “I much prefer to drive my Austin-Healey rather than my new car. The special thing about my Healey is that he has accompanied me faithfully for many years and he has carried me through many fast laps of vintage racing and rallies. I can still repair everything on the car myself. I still experience a lot of driving fun with him even in my old age.” As the oldest active participant to date, Gebhard Zeller, the veteran of the Graf Zeppelin racing community, will exhibit his racing car this year at the stand of the ADAC stand of the Graf Zeppelin Friedrichshafen racing community. He hung up the helmet on his 89th birthday. However, he likes to tell guests at the booth about his experiences with this car. In addition to the Austin-Healey, at this year’s Motorworld Classics Lake Constance there are countless vehicles at the brand clubs, a parts market, a private sales hall and many accessories, spare parts and stylish accessories for the vehicles and their owners. In total, there is everything to discover in the exhibition halls with over 600 exhibitors, brands, clubs and participants that makes the hearts of classic car fans beat faster.


Since the majority of the racing cars are piloted by men in vintage racing, a participant in the paddock is particularly in the spotlight. If the lady also drives an American La France, it can only be Sandra Ibele. “Being part of the demo racing together with my whole family is something very special for me. Every time I go on the circuit, it is a combination of thrills, driving pleasure, ambition and last but not least a physical challenge, explains Sandra Ibele, who calls her imposing racing car “old lady”.


The overall concept of the fair shows many more highlights this year, which can be seen in eleven exhibition halls. These include rare Riva boats, the presentations of eight Mercedes clubs and the legendary Ace Café with many motorcycle classics from English and Italian production. But also the so-called “Modern Classics”, i.e. motorcycles that look classic, but are brand new and state-of-the-art. A trend that is finding more and more friends. In addition, an automotive journey through time is shown in the Motorworld special exhibition, in the foyer west of the fair: pre-war vehicles, classic cars, youngtimers and also Future Classics.


Should there be an increased number of classic vehicles in the streetscape on the roads in the Lake Constance area and the Allgäu during the fair, this can also be due to the fact that the Bodensee Klassik Rally takes place at the same time as the fair and classic cars also start their daily trips from Zeppelin Cat Hall A1 in style.




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